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5 motivators of Buyers

5 Motivators of Buyers. Learn to Close Sales Faster

5 Motivators of Buyers

If you treat every prospect the same or launch into the same canned pitch for every prospect, you’re missing the 5 motivators of buyers.

Do you know the prospects needs, mood, personality and prejudices?

The successful salesperson knows. They understand the 5 motivators of buyers.

Knowing this, the successful salesperson will tailor their presentation around what motivates the buyer.

Many times the ill prepared salesperson will dump all the features and benefits during the sales pitch.


Because he has no idea which benefit the buyer is interested in and what will motivate him to buy. 

Like I said…ill prepared. 

5 Motivators of Buyers

1.) Know the 3 Levels of Buying Motivation

You should reach the buyer on 3 levels:

  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally
  • Personally

You need to go beyond the obvious to understand what really motives your buyer.

Do you know…

  • Who they really are
  • What they want
  • How they feel
  • What their biggest concerns and problems are and how your product can help solve them.

The intellectual appeal is first. It’s  effective, but it’s not as strong as the other two. When you appeal to the intellect, it’s based on logic.

Reaching the buyer on an emotional level is more powerful. The emotions of pride, fear, greed, love and even anger can be tapped into.

Buying out of anger may surprise you. Yet I’ve witnessed it. 

Personal Story

When I was selling preplanned funeral services, a distraught woman met with me. Her brother just died at age 50. He had been suffering with an illness for years. She was so angry that he didn’t “put his house in order” before he passed. She carried the weight of figuring out his finances, coupled with her guilt for feeling angry.   

When we met to arrange her brothers funeral, I asked her one simple question…did she have children. She said yes, and she never wanted her children to be burden with her own arrangements. We planned her funeral arrangements too.

She bought out of anger (because of her brother) and out of compassion for her children. (Personal)

Granted, this example encompasses all strong emotions which may not be the case for what you sell.

Here’s another example.

During my 40 years of selling, 15 plus years, I sold group benefits. Brutal world because it’s very competitive.

After 6 months of relentless pursuit, the benefits manager of a large hospital, finally met with me. What got me in the door was some undercover work by me. I discovered a key employee had a simple claim denied by the current carrier. It was a claim that my product covered and the key employee was one of the VP’s at the hospital.

All I did was tailor my sales presentation around the claim:

  1. Intellectual (made sense to listen to a carrier that covered a simple claim that was denied by the current carrier) 
  2. Emotional (If they stayed with the current carrier, other employees will be denied the same simple claim)
  3. Personal (I used the VP as an example)

The word I used in describing the claim was “simple”. Frankly, it shocked me the current carrier didn’t cover the simple procedure. Adding the “simple” word to describe the denied claim was powerful.

I’ve said it before…words matter.

The VP blamed the benefit manager for not uncovering the “flaw” in the coverage. The benefit manager was determined not to let it happen again. 

Right or wrong, it was an emotional and personal pain point for the benefit manager. He bought fueled by anger.

Keep in mind, the most powerful way you can reach the buyer is on a personal level.

2. The Buying Formula of the 5 Motivators of Buyers 

To reach the buyer on all three levels-intellectual, emotional, and personal-you must understand the buyers core mindset.

To reach the buyer on all three levels-intellectual, emotional, and personal-you must understand the buyers core mindset. These are the emotions attitudes and aspirations that drive them to buy.

They are beliefs, feelings and desires.                           

3. Beliefs

  • What does your buyer believe?
  • Do you know their attitude towards your product?
  • Does your product address their problems and issues?

4. Feelings

  • How does the buyer feel?
  • Are they confident or low key?
  • Nervous or fearful?
  • What do they feel about major issues in their lives, business, industries or the world?

5. Desires

  • What do they want?
  • Have they shared their goals?
  • What changes do they want in their lives that your product can help them achieve?

Intelliverse says it this way about the 5 motivators of buyers.

This necessitates marketers to get in front of potential buyers early on and to personalize the buying experience for them. The imperative is to “know your customer.” Marketers sometimes create ‘buyer personas,” an effective technique which allows them to understand, visualize and relate to potential customers and what influences their behavior. (source)

The above quote from Intelliverse is specific for marketers. Yet salespeople need to “get in front of the potential buyers early on” too! And salespeople need “to personalize the buying experience” as well.

Once you understand the 5 Motivators of Buyers, it makes closing the sale much easier. Remember, tailor your sales pitch around the buyers mindset.  

Speaking of mindsets…how’s your own mindset? This article may help you asses it! (source)

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