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Love and Praises!


Relentless Prospecting Webinar Praise! 

Thanks again Christine Harrington for the one-on-one training session yesterday! This was a great follow-up to the webinar I did last week, which was focused more on prospect cold-calling. I learned so much and already feel more confident in approaching prospects with these new strategies.

I’d recommend anyone looking to improve in cold-calling, or just sales strategies in general,  to reach out to Christine and see how she can help improve your success!

(As shown on LinkedIn -Haley Metcalfe, Account Executive, Concentra)



 Grateful to you Vince for the praise! 

Vince Marsico, VP of Sales, Concentra stopped by on December 14th as my guest to the Pillar to Post Transformation Sales Workshop 



I am one of 12 employees from Ohio Valley Insurance that recently attended Christine’s Transformation Sales Workshop. I HIGHLY recommend Christine’s workshops for your sales team!

Johnathan Bickett, Financial Advisor, Ohio Valley Insurance

kariChristine’s Coaching not only keeps me focused but it allows me to brainstorm ideas with an experienced professional that understands my challenges. 

Kari Bush, Account Executive, Truassure

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I have shared your site and information with the head of corporate training for Ziglar. Loved the Zig quotes you had in you goals videos.

James McLamb, Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer






Thank you! Love your posts ! Looking forward to a great year! Sheila Stabile


Ray (1)


Thank you for the very helpful, encouraging and extremely useful words in your newsletter yesterday.

Ray Campbell, South Dakota Salesman for JTH Lighting Alliance



Ray (2)



God continue to bless you for the positive difference you make in this world.

Frank Casella, Businessman, Professional Photographer



Corey (1)


Christine Harrington is an outstanding coach,mentor and friend. I’m so privileged to work with her. She is a consummate professional with an extensive background in the financial and insurance industry she knows how to relate to people and get results. She is a certified Jeffery Gitomer Advisor.What that means to you? She brings you the most up to date sales training and success tips from Jeffrey Gitomer himself. Handpicked by Jeffrey, She can train on all Jeffrey Gitomer’s content! I would recommend you hire her for one on one coaching and/or Jeffrey Gitomer Workshops for your sales team.


Corey Greene, I help people financially safeguard their life and dreams



I read a lot of books to keep my eye’s on the horizon, but it’s hard when I can’t even keep my head up. These days have been a struggle, and there’s no end in sight. When my head couldn’t sink deeper into my hands, I read “Did You Really Fail?” by Christine Harrington, and to my surprise this week was my BEST sales week ever!

This week wasn’t a little better… it was 205% better! I sold twice as much this week then I had previously. The change… Christine helped me believe in myself. How? I sent her a thank-you e-mail for her insightful article, and she responded by telephone. She called me out of her busy schedule to share more of her insight, and it could not have come at a better time. In 54 minutes, Christine picked up my spirits, helped me structure my day, plan for the future, and I’m certain that she did it out of the kindness of her own heart. Christine… thank you

Edmond Wong, ETG Architectural Solutions Manager – Specializing in RainScreen Systems


Edmond (1)


Christine excels as a sales coach because she is down to earth rather than pretentious. Jeffrey Gitomer is lucky to have her on board, not the other way around. I found her own personal coaching to be far superior to the Gitomer training.

Chris McElroy. Website Developer


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