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DO you get Nod Blank Stare During Sales Conversation

Do You Get the Nod or a Blank Stare During a Sales Conversation

You’ve witnessed both during a sales conversation or presentation. The buyer is either engrossed and nodding or has a blank stare and checking his watch every few seconds.

Which reaction do you most commonly get?

Do You Get the Nod or a Blank Stare During a Sales Conversation?

Generally, most sales people get one of three reactions.

  1. (The most common) Total Indifference-the blank stare. The buyer is not engaged because he has control of the meeting, not you. He will politely let you drone on for 10 minutes, then announce he has another meeting.
  2. Your presentation is too Pollyanna and thus the buyer believes you’re too naive about your future in sales let alone his future doing business with you.
  3. This is the one you should aim for. In your presentation, you say something that the buyer cannot disagree with…this gets the nod and his full attention.

The nod is an indication you’re being persuasive. Once you get him to agree to one point, then continue to receive agreements on other points. It becomes hard from him to disagree when you ask for the sale.

Now, this isn’t ABC selling…Always Be Closing. This is leading the buyer to buy because having agreed to everything else, why should he say “no”?

Harvey McKay said in his book Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive:

“Something you know about your customer may be more important than anything you know about your product”.

How to get the nod.

I suspect you use the same presentation for most of your sales conversations. And your presentation is mostly about your wonderful product.

In sales, one mistake I see quite often is a presentation that will put the buyer to sleep.

Instead of incessantly chatting about the features and benefits of your wonderful product…reframe.

Let’s say a benefit of your product is a titanium widget that can be adjusted to fit any hip socket which greatly decreases the time it takes for hip replacement surgery.

Instead of saying that mouthful… simply ask

“Doctor, what would it mean to you and the patient if 3 hours were shaved off your hip replacement surgery time?”

Now that question gets the nod much faster than talking about the benefit of your titanium widget. Plus..he cannot disagree it is certainly an advantage.

Go get a piece of paper or type it out. List your benefits on the left. Create a question on the right that will lead to a nod.

Put this helpful hint into practice at your next presentation.

Instead of droning on and on, ask the nod questions and lead the buyer to buy.

Now, I’d love to hear from you…if you’re going to reframe for the nod, will you tell me in the comment section below!

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