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Win More Sales. How to Tell Your Company Power Story.

Win More Sales. How to Tell Your Company Power Story. 

Part 2

Let me begin by saying, be positively passionate about learning different ideas about selling. Weather your slumps by learning something from a different point of view. Inhale your mountain view by mentoring other sales people that could use your wisdom.  Seek out people who will challenge you to grow.

Everyone has a compelling story, even your company. Read on! If you haven’t read Part 1…read it here now

How to Tell Your Company Power Story (In 3 minutes or less)

Mike Weinberg suggests in his book, New Sales Simplified..

So many people in sales lead with “We make” or “We are suppliers”…and when sales people lead in this manner, buyers are almost immediately thinking, “so what?”  

Mike further states to take the “so what” test. Listen to another sale person trying to set an appointment, or close a deal. When the sales person makes a statement, ask yourself “so what?” The light bulb will go on and shed light on how often we talk about ourselves instead of being client focused.

So refrain from making your company power story a 10 minute commercial about you and your product. When you visible see the glazed over look on the prospect’s face, you’ve gone too long and it’s too much about you. Remember, the Power Story is to help paint a picture in the prospects mind of how much easier his business life will be when doing business with you and your company.

BIG MISTAKE: Don’t tell your Power Story with company brochures. There is nothing more boring other than watching paint dry.

BIG WIN: DO look the prospect in the eye.  With passion and conviction, tell a Power story that draws the prospect in. Make it about why companies, similar to his have had their issues and problems solved through your product and services. Make it client focused…all about him. This is not the time to go into features and benefits. You’re only painting a picture of your company’s story and how your prospect can be successful partnering with you and your company.

If you’re not sure about your company story…do this.

  • Meet with sales executives and/or top producers and ask them to share the story they tell.
  • Review your emails and proposals. Are they client focused on how you can solve their issues, or are they more company focused?
  • How effective is your own story? Does it need improving?
  • What story does your competition tell that’s more compelling than yours? Do you know the competition’s story?
Keys on How to Construct a Company Power Story

Look at your top clients.

  • Why did they buy from you?
  • What business issues did they have?
  • What outcomes were they looking to achieve?
  • Did they refer additional business to you?

Construct the first part of your power story around the answers to these questions.


  • What will happen if the client stays with their current vendor? What deeper pain can be caused by staying the status quo?
  • Examine the issues the client faces by not allowing you to solve and improve their issues.
  • What are the client’s losses by not working with you?

Last, call your favorite clients. The ones that are in your fan club.

Don’t email them. Call them so you can “hear” their responses.

  • Why did they decide to invite you in for a meeting? What were they hoping to achieve?
  • What issues were they looking to discuss?
  • Why are they still a client?
  • How have you made their life/business easier?

Listen very carefully to their answers. It will give you so much information you can use in your power statement.

When developing your power statement use transition phrases such as:

“A type of companies or B type of companies hire (Your Company Name) when they need help with….”

“They look to us when facing…”

“Companies that are looking for help with…”

Take the time to develop a compelling Power Story that draws the prospect in, wanting to hear more. Practice your new story by recording it. Play back the recording and listen for tone, pace and voice volume that could be improve. Does the Power Story flow? Is the story compelling? Listen for phrases you may need to change. Keep doing this process until you are completely confident in executing your new Power Story!

Next week, we’ll continue the series and address:

“Ask Compelling Questions for Discovery”

Now it’s your turn! SCROLL DOWN to the comment section…share with the community….Do you tell a Power Story? What tips can you add?

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