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What do your loyal customers say about you?

What do your Loyal Customers Say about You?

Once a loyal customer always a loyal customer. Right? Wake up Sparky. How many of those phantom loyal customers have walked out of your bank account? It’s not easy to face it. Especially when you learn (too late) they fell under the spell of your competition because of neglect. In this article, you’ll learn how […]


Types of Questions you should ask in Sales Conversations

Do you focus on one type of question? There’s another type that can actually uncover a deeper answer from the buyer. Are you making false assumptions because you instinctively “know why” a buyer is looking to buy without asking the buyer? As I’ve said in other articles, this is dangerous. Do you avoid the deeper […]

Results you can offer so the buyer wins

Are You Confusing Self-Interest as a Win? Results You can Offer

Last week I shared with you that I can be dumber than a box of rocks. This week, I’ll share, I’m not an expert in sales. Yes, you heard that right. I’m NOT an expert in selling. I AM an expert in failing! Most of what you read each week is inspired by my years […]

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