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5 Fears of Buyers-How You Can Calm Buying Fear to Close the Deal

The biggest resistance to the sales process is fear!

Yes! The buyer deals with fear too. And in this article, you’ll learn

  • what’s going on in the buyer’s mind that’s creating the fear?
  • cues to spot the fear, and move the buyer to a place of trust and certainty.
  • how to close the deal.

The Buyer’s Mindset:

When the buyer set the appointment, she knew you’re coming to sell her. No big surprise right?
But what you may not know is, her reluctance to be drawn into a buying situation because she has fear.

  1. She might make the wrong decision for her division or department, which will make her look bad to her boss, peers, and team.
  2. She will make a hasty decision and not get the approval of her boss.
  3. Your product will not perform as promised and will waste valuable resources in her limited budget, conversion time for her team, etc.
  4. It may upset her current vendor whom she has a long-standing business relationship.
  5. The implementation will disrupt her team, and workflow, costing her department precious time and money.

For your specific product, there may be even more fear! I encourage you to explore all facets of fear your buyer may have to help move the buyer to certainty.

So given all these fears…here’s what’s occurring in the buyer’s mind.

  • The sensation of things moving too quickly to process.
  • Images of what-could-be flashing through the buyer’s mind.
  • Perhaps her reasoning for buying is flawed.
  • Jumping to a course of action without thinking things through.

Since you’re not a mind reader, you can pick up cues by visually noticing the body language of the buyer and listening to what is NOT said.

Here are the cues to look and listen for in body language:

  • Keeping silent.
  • Denying fear through diversion or changing the topic
  • Turning away during the conversation
  • Attempting to keep her voice lights
  • A watery smile that’s forced into place
  • Masking fear with a reactive emotion such as anger or frustration
  • False bravado
  • Over-indulgence in a habit such as nail biting, lip biting, scratching
  • A joking tone but the voice cracks.

Now that you know about the buyer’s unspoken uncertainty, how can you move the buyer to close?

Daniel Burrus wrote in Using the Power of Certainty to Drive Sales Success 

“Many salespeople lower the level of trust they have with customers, not because they aren’t trustworthy people, but because they aren’t thinking about trust before they do their sales pitch.”

Burrus suggests you ask yourself, “Where is the current trust level?”

Instead of overselling by trying to explain how your product is better than the competition, Burrus recommends showing social proof.

“For example, instead of saying something negative about a competing product, pull out your smart phone or tablet and show the customer tweeted complaints about the competing product, as well as tweets about your product. This will give the customer social proof that you are telling the truth.”

Burrus ends the article with the following.

“Before the sales day begins, always ask yourself: What are the problems that are most likely on my customer’s minds? What are the uncertainties that might keep them from saying yes? Then ask yourself: What am I certain about? The key is to use the things you’re certain about to make saying “yes” easier for your customers. Eliminate the risk of saying yes and put more risk on saying no. If you’re a trusted advisor and talking to your customers about the certainties you know they’ll be facing, they will listen and buy.”

If you sell a difficult product, what compelling questions do you ask to help the buyer buy? How do you relieve the buyer’s fears?  I’d love to read your comments below.

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