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Are You Doing All the Right Things and Not Getting the Right Results?

Are you doing all the right things and not getting the right results? With the fierceness of competition all around, maybe it’s time to let out the rebel. If following the “rules of selling” doesn’t seem to work, then think and act like a rebel. Start with throwing the traditional “sales rules” out the window and be free of its limitations.

Relationship selling

Why Relationship Selling isn’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be!

Before you roll your eyes and decide I’m crazy…keep reading this article on why relationship selling isn’t what it’s cracked up to be!  Because of the work I’m doing with various sales teams and because of how I’ve experienced the 21st-century buyer, I’ve changed my position on relationship selling. After all relationship selling takes time…time the […]

Closing Deals

Are You a Seller or a Closer? There are 6 Signs. Find Out Below

The sales profession is one of the largest careers in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (source), 13,715,050 people are in sales and sales-related occupations in the USA. 4.3% of the population is in sales! The people in the sales profession though do not have the same ability or even willingness to do […]

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