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Is the Buyer Stroking His Chin? It May Not Be an Itch!

Imagine sitting across from the buyer, deep into the sales conversation. He leans back in his chair and begins to stroke his chin…You’re not sure if he’s deep in thought or just scratching an itch! Then he throws you off with a curveball question. Is stroking his chin a good body language sign or not? […]

Before You Send Your Next Digital Email Read This!

Yes, before you send your next digital email read this! In this digital era of selling, salespeople all over the world are huddled in front of their laptops believing they are selling. Email campaigns, social media posts, networking through LinkedIn. And NONE of it is real human to human interaction. Oh yes, someone types back […]

7 Unanticipated Questions to Ask Prospects

The 21st-century salesperson (if worth one’s salt) knows sales is about asking questions and listening to what the buyer has to say. Hopefully, long gone is the 20th century pushy, snake oil salesman. With that said, listening is key but it’s not the only key to build trust with the buyer. Here is an important way […]

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