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Are you a half smart sales person?

Are You a Half Smart Salesperson? Read to Find Out More

Have you ever tried getting your prospects attention by being smart or clever in an email? It can work if you’re a smart salesperson and clever enough to come up with something that also sells. Most cases….it comes across as “trying” to be smart and clever..or worse, just another typical generic (vanilla) email. There’s a […]

3 tips on how to increase email open rates

3 Tips on How to Increase Email Open Rates. A downloadable list is included!

It’s true. There’s a lot of hot air around the word “marketing strategy”….especially when involving emails and email open rates.  And often times, salespeople fail to consider every email sent is a marketing strategy and opportunity. Every follow-up email, and prospecting email. Every email delivering a proposal or quote-is a marketing opportunity. What’s your strategy? […]

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