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Are you aware of red flags

Are You Aware of Red Flags when Prospecting? What are They and How to See the Hazards

Before I begin telling you how to spot red flags, it’s first important for you to know, I can be dumber than a box of rocks. And I’m known to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over. The most important thing I’ve learned through my sales mistakes is how to spot red flags. It […]


What If 2019 Became Your Year for Asking Better Questions?

Here’s what happens during the typical sales day…you go on autopilot, doing the same thing without “question” or thoughtful inquiry. Here’s something to consider…when was the last time you spent a few minutes redefining old ideas about selling?

Are You Stopping Too Soon? You Just Might Be Sabotaging Lead Development!

How long does it take to develop, qualify and sell a lead? 1 or 2 sales conversations, 6 or 9? What’s your magic number? Are you stopping too soon? How many calls, & emails did it take before you finally reached the prospect for the first time to have a sales conversation? OR how many […]

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