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All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

The most asked questions I receive revolve around sales objections. Salespeople search high and low for the perfect response to a sales objection that will somehow magically transform the no into a yes. All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This. First, the one sales objection that’s doesn’t fall under this is money. When […]

Zig Ziglar

How to Move the Buyer from a No to Yes! Learn How!

The buyer said NO…In this article, you’ll learn 2 tips on how to move the buyer from a no to a yes! The late Zig Ziglar, who I consider one of the smartest, talented salesman we’ve been blessed with on this good ‘ol earth said this… “You try for the close the minute you establish […]

I need to Think about it

“I Need to Think About It” Objection. How to Handle this.

“I Need to Think About It” Objection.  Everyone seeks certainty, especially when buying. Buyers want to be certain their decision is the right decision….you do too when buying. Are you getting the best price? Can the product or service deliver as promised? And there’s a multitude of other questions that pop into the buyers’ mind. […]

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