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What If 2019 Became Your Year for Asking Better Questions?

Here’s what happens during the typical sales day…you go on autopilot, doing the same thing without “question” or thoughtful inquiry. Here’s something to consider…when was the last time you spent a few minutes redefining old ideas about selling?

Build Your Sales Resilience in 5 Steps…Here’s How

How would you rate your sales resilience on a scale of 1-10? If you find your resilience low or you’re not sure, here are 5 steps to build the sales resilience muscle you’ll need to thrive, because in case you haven’t noticed…life is a struggle and so is sales. Just like life, prospects are unpredictable, […]

Take Back Control of your thoughts

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Live Your Potential

Thoughts! So many times in my coaching sessions I hear I should have done this Or I should have done that…. Thoughts of living in regret mean you’re living in the past. What happened yesterday is over and you can’t change it or bring it back. What happened just a moment ago is “poof” gone! I’m […]

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