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Powerful Word Choices For Closing More Sales. Learn 3 Tips Below

Way back when in my college days, a psychology class experiment proved a point about the subconscious mind. The professor asked us to close our eyes and imagine eating a lemon. As he described the act of eating the lemon, he instructed us to imagine the smell of the lemon and the sour taste of […]

Sales Trend

A Disturbing Sales Trend. Is This You and What You Can do About It!

For some time now, I’ve been watching a disturbing sales trend. It shows up in the majority of sales teams and in my private coaching practice. It shows up in questions I receive through emails and private messages from followers in social media. It shows up in products I’m trying to purchase! As a buyer, […]

Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge. Find Out How. It Can Change Everything!

For the past few months, Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge, has been a project I’ve been working on diligently in order to bring it to you…for free. As the quote says under ‘My Favorite Quotes’ section of today’s  Sales Pearls newsletter..  “Man Rises by Effort” Effort doesn’t just exist with what looks like hard […]

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