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Take Back Control of your thoughts

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Live Your Potential

Thoughts! So many times in my coaching sessions I hear I should have done this Or I should have done that…. Thoughts of living in regret mean you’re living in the past. What happened yesterday is over and you can’t change it or bring it back. What happened just a moment ago is “poof” gone! I’m […]

What Separates Average Salespeople from Top Salespeople?

Here’s what the Top Salespeople do brilliantly… Have you examined your sales life? I mean really put it under a microscope and looked at every minute of your sales day? Most people I coach tell me no they’ve never done that. I bet you haven’t either. What Separates Average Salespeople from the Top Salespeople? Here […]

Are You Making This Expensive Mistake?

Having a sales process is essential, but it means nothing if you can’t effectively communicate with the buyer. Communication skills or lack of will make or break your sales. Are you making this expensive mistake? Communication skills are more essential than a sales process. Boom! There I said it! And yet in my 40 years of […]

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