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Results you can offer so the buyer wins

Are You Confusing Self-Interest as a Win? Results You can Offer

Last week I shared with you that I can be dumber than a box of rocks. This week, I’ll share, I’m not an expert in sales. Yes, you heard that right. I’m NOT an expert in selling. I AM an expert in failing! Most of what you read each week is inspired by my years […]

Are you aware of red flags

Are You Aware of Red Flags when Prospecting? What are They and How to See the Hazards

Before I begin telling you how to spot red flags, it’s first important for you to know, I can be dumber than a box of rocks. And I’m known to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over. The most important thing I’ve learned through my sales mistakes is how to spot red flags. It […]

Why Should Prospects Buy from You

Why Should Prospects Buy From You? Learn Your Value Proposition

Why should prospects buy from you? Why do your current customers continue to buy from you? These are important questions to explore if you want to create more sales opportunities and repetitive sales. In this article, we’ll explore how to create more sales by focusing on one important exercise that is often neglected.  And thank […]

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