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Sell Me This Pen. I Sold a Straw Instead.

Did you see the movie, Wolf of Wall Street? The true story of Jordan Belfort’s hard closing, hard selling boiler room type company. It was written by Jordan while he was in prison. At the end of the movie, you see Jordan at a seminar asking the audience “sell me this pen.” Supposedly, if you […]

Selling the wrong product

Take This Simple Test to Discover if You’re Selling the Wrong Product!

Many times I hear from salespeople when I asked if they’re selling the “right product”… “What difference does it make what I sell? Selling is selling!” My good friend Jack brought this to light recently as we were walking on the indoor track at the gym. Jack: “What do you think of Brian Tracy, Chris” […]

When a Buyer says no

When a Buyer Says “no”..Learn the Five Hidden Meanings

When a buyer says “no” is that it?  Does he mean “no” or is he simply hiding the real reason from you? Consider this…many times a closing opportunity is missed because of assumptions….even when the buyer says “no.” Salespeople accept the ‘no’ response without even so much as an inquiry into why the buyer made […]

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