Sales Coach Christine Harrington
How Rejection Shapes Your Sales

How Rejection Shapes Your Sales. Learn to Make Rejection Your FRIEND! Read Below to Discover How!

No doubt when starting your sales career, you probably had no concept of the frequency of rejection you’d receive daily. In fact the frequency of being rejected may have become so overwhelming, that you retreated into the safety of doing service work for existing clients. One young man I’m coaching is so overwhelmed with being […]

Concentration Crisis in Selling. A Skill Few Practice

Concentration Crisis in Selling. A Skill Few Practice. Learn Tips How to Control

Concentration Crisis in Selling. A Skill Few Practice. According to my client’s shaky recollection, the last time he found himself in deep concentration, without interruption, was….uh…college. He’s now 42 and a Senior Account Executive for a large corporation suffering from insomnia and failing sales.  A different client answered my question with much hesitation…”when was the […]

New Frontier of Selling

New Frontier of Selling. Discover What it is. Read Below!

New Frontier of Selling. If selling is only about learning a sales process, then why aren’t all sales people top performers? How many times have you searched for new information on selling, or a better way to prospect, close sales, or the magic words? Here’s a mind blowing statistic: 44% of Sales people give up […]