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3 Things Buyers Hate

3 Things Buyers Hate. Is Dealing with You Stressful for Buyers?

Interesting question. Do you know the answer? Here are 3 things buyers hate:

Buyers hate hassle
Buyers hate looking foolish
Buyers hate following up

Last article addressed 5 Fears of Buyers. This article addresses what the buyer hates, so you’re not adding stress.

Hate #1 Buyers hate hassle.

Are you making buying simple and easy? Can you solve an immediate problem for the buyer?

Depending on the product you’re selling, some buying cycles are short some may take a year. Doesn’t matter. What have you put into place to cut through the hassle and make buying simple in your sales cycle?

Do you overwhelm the buyer with too much information, facts, questions, examples, and a cumbersome process to qualify?
Look at your process and sift through what is necessary and what is nothing more than fluff. Eliminate unnecessary steps or information that adds no value.

Instead, impress the buyer by being hassle-free and concise.

Hate #2 Buyers hate looking foolish (more than the fear of losing money.)

Buyers will, at all cost, save face. A buyer has a fear of making a wrong decision or implementing a product that struggles within the framework of the organization. Thus, making her look bad to her team, department, boss, and employer.

Dispel this fear by assuming the risk. Put the burden on you and your product to perform as promised.

This may seem a no-brainer, but I’ve worked for companies who blame the buyer.

“You knew the product didn’t cover that procedure when you bought” mentality. Yes…one employer said this to a buyer.

Hate #3 Buyers hate following up.

Does the buyer have to chase you down to get a question answered?

A few salespeople I’ve coached bought into the “I’m so busy” scam to try and create a sense of urgency in the buyer.

I’ve heard salespeople say…

“If we don’t book a follow-up appointment now, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to meet with you again because I’m booked up over the next three months.”

Now…that statement is about as ridiculous as it sounds, and the buyer thinks so too.

Or when the buyer calls, the salesperson will let it go to voice mail to “appear” he is sooooo busy.

Here’s another one…the salesperson will not answer a buyer’s email for a few days because she wants to appear crazy busy with buying customers.

These are scams and buyers can see right through them.

What to Do

Instead, have a personal accountability that all phone calls, emails, and text messages are returned by the end of each business day. (This is what I promise.)

If you appear too busy to the buyer during the buying process, then in his mind you’ll be way too busy after he buys when an issue surfaces.

Buyers want to deal with salespeople who are accessible. Always stress to the buyer your guarantee when you’ll follow-up, how quick you’ll return his phone call and email.

Take the burden away from the buyer. You suggest…

“Mr. Buyer, I’ll give you a call on Wednesday to answer any questions that may surface.”

When leaving a voice message, suggest

“Mr. Buyer, this is John Doe with ABC company. It appears you’re busy now. I’ll give you a callback Thursday at 2:00 pm. Hopefully, you’ll be free to take my call.
My number is ….”

Then Thursday morning at 8:00 am send the buyer an email as a reminder you will be calling at 2:00 pm.

Make it easy to do business with you instead of causing stress for the buyer.

Now…I’d like to hear from you….How do you make it simple for your buyers? Will you share your tips in the comment section below?

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