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Prospecting Follow-Up Plan

The Best Prospecting Follow-Up Plan. Read About My Personal Plan.

The Best Prospecting Follow-Up Plan. Read About My Personal Plan.

One of the best lines I think I’ve read is “Prospecting is not an event, it’s a campaign.” And YES! That should be your approach too.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in my coaching practice is the willy nilly approach well meaning sales people take when it comes to follow-up…especially with prospecting.

The scenario unfolds like this…Monday, you feel motivated to start your week off right, so you dig in and make a bunch of prospecting calls. Friday rolls around and you realize you haven’t heard back from the prospects you called. While driving to the next sales appointment, you bang out 5-6 follow-up calls.

Does this sound familiar?

Just like you need to prepare for a sales meeting, you also need to prepare a well thought out follow-up plan. Approaching follow-up as a side issue will leave you frustrated and discouraged. As a matter of fact, prospecting follow-up should be a priority…everyday!

Here’s the right way to follow-up:

  • Plan a Step by Step Campaign

Every prospect is different, so should each campaign be different. Plan out the frequency of phone calls and emails you’ll make, strategically.

  • Use Scripts

Be Prepared with a well thought out script for both leaving a voice message or if the prospect answers the call. How many times have you been taken off guard when the prospect actually answers and all you were prepared for was leaving a voice message? At the end of the article, I’ll share the scripts I use.

  • Use Personal Touches

Believe it or not people still open mail and send mail…I’m not referring to email but the old fashion personal touch of sending a handwritten letter or note. Send prospects a book relevant to their industry with a note inside, or a value article that’s trending for their business. Yes…a prospecting plan is a lot of work up front, but if done strategically, giving value is better than wasting the prospects time. It also separates you from the rest of the amateur sales people.

  • Plan a Minimum of an Hour Daily.

Yes..prospecting should be a daily priority. If you’re not feeding your sales funnel, then you’ll never reach your sales goals. Plan out different times of the day to prospect as well. Change it up so you’re not calling the same time everyday.

  • Prospecting Prep Work

It’s important to do prep work when following-up. Just like you do research before stepping in front of the prospect, also do research before picking up the phone and calling. Don’t just wing it and think you can pull it off. It will make you look like an amateur.

If you haven’t watched my video, The Critical Follow-Up Window…take a few minutes and watch it. You’ll like it!  Click Here. 

Scripts to Use 

(If you haven’t read my article on why I use scripts, click here)

Leaving a Voice Message: Don’t ramble and waste the prospect’s time. Make your message short, tight and concise.

Mr. Prospect, this is Christine Harrington with the Savvy Sales Lady. It appears this is a bad time to reach you. I’ll call back Friday at 11:00 am and perhaps you’ll be available at that time to connect. My number is….I’ll call back on Friday.

Friday morning, before 8:00 am, send an email stating:

Mr. Prospect, this is just a friendly reminder that I will be calling today at 11:00 am. Hopefully, you’ll be available to take my call.

Sincerely, Christine Harrington The Savvy Sales Lady

Be sure and make the phone call at the designated time.

The Best Prospecting Follow-Up Plan. Read About My Personal Plan.

Here is my own personal follow-up cadence. It’s important to be strategic and create a rhythm to prospecting. It will show the prospect, you take it seriously.

Prospecting  Cadence
Prospecting Follow-Up Cadence

Prospecting can be rewarding if done properly. As a matter of fact, it’s so important I have a 2 hour course just on prospecting and prospecting follow-up! The rule of thumb is your sales funnel should have 100 prospects rotating in and out of it at all times. 25 prospects are ready to close. 25 prospects are in the information gathering process to quote or prepare a proposal. 25 new prospects are coming into the funnel and 25 prospects are dead!

Watch the video below for even more prospecting follow-up tips.

Do you have follow-up tips that work for you? Will you share yours in the comment section below.


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