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Who are You? I’d Like to Learn More About You. Email Me

Today’s article is an unusual one.

It comes out of a sincere effort to learn more about you, the reader, in order to help you. It’s occurred to me more than once that I have no idea who you are. That’s the problem with social media…you know what I let you see about me, but I don’t know you, other than your email address.

Some of you are current clients, former clients or know me by attending my workshops. Some have signed up for Sales Pearl through my website, YouTube channel or social media sources. A few are referrals and still, fewer know me from public speaking. Many of you, we’ve never had a conversation.

So how do I know what you’d like to learn, be motivated towards, or be inspired about?

I don’t, which is the problem. How can I help you, if I don’t know you? 

The common thread, of course, is sales. We are all sales professionals.

How Can I Help YOU?

I think about this every day.

Am I helping you?


what will help you have a successful year?


What problems are you trying to solve?

Most of my inspiration comes from the clients I coach. I do see patterns of behaviors across the sales world demographics who seek my services and help.

But is that enough?

What DO YOU need help in?

I sincerely want to know.

This will take effort on your part not to be a passive reader but an active one.

It will take a few minutes of your day to compose an email and share who you are and what you need.

Yes, I’m asking you to do this. Here are three ways to contact me.

  1. Email:
  2. Leave a message on my private phone line: 317-288-9158
  3. Leave a comment below

Take a few minutes to let me know you, and how I can help you. If you have a specific problem, chances are others will have a similar situation.

This isn’t a coaching pitch for my services. I’m not selling a thing. This is about you, the reader and how I can get to know you and how can I help you through free content. 

I’m so serious about this that I’m starting a new series called “Talk to Me”. Watch for the launch which will be posted in Sales Pearls. It will be all about you and I’ll address the questions and issues you bring to me.

Why not take a few minutes now and send me an email…“Talk to me.” And let me know your struggles and if I have permission to share your story in an upcoming Sales Pearl.

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