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Closing the sale

Before Closing the Sale-Try These Simple Tips. 6 Questions to Ask

Closing the sale starts with…

“You had me at Hello” (Jerry McGuire flashback)

Yes, it starts with building a strong relationship with the right people…the people that can make the decisions.

Next is to gain clarity in what they need then developing your offer to fit their needs with an equitable price. And last, asking for their business.

Now I know this is simplifying the process because quotes/proposals/bids are often required as part of the sale process. 

However, before you attempt to ask for the business and close the sale, make sure you have the answers to these questions to ensure you win the business.

 Answers You Need on These 6 Questions Before Closing the Sale

  1. Process. What is your decision-making process?
  2. Decision Makers. Who will be involved in the decision making?
  3. Budget concerns. What is your (department/corporate budget?)
  4. Timelines. What is your timeline for making this decision? What is your timeline for onboarding/implementation?
  5. Solutions. Are there other solutions you’re considering?
  6. Decision Factors. What factors need to be considered?

Often during coaching sessions, salespeople tell me they have a difficult time closing the sale.

Here’s why…

When I ask if they have the answers to the above 6 questions, their response is usually no.

Once they go back and get the answers, they have a much easier time moving the sales forward.

If you’re puzzled by sales that seem to be stalled, I challenge you to go back and see if getting the answers to the above 6 questions will help move the sale out of the stalled position to the sold position!

Take these questions, and make them a part of your sales planning process. Ask them at the right time, and summarize the answers to clarify. Then closing will become a simple conclusion by the prospect.

If you need more help closing sales, I’m here to help you. Begin by scheduling your free introductory phone call. Start here.

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