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How to Understand the Office Politics of a Prospect. Create a Coach Ally.


Create a Coach Ally…Find Out How in this short 4-minute video!

Have you had times when you lost the sales because you may not have understood the office politics within a business your prospecting?

How about this…you found out too late that there were other decision makers you didn’t know about. How can you prevent this from happening and navigate through the office politics of the prospect?

In this video, you’ll learn exactly how, by creating a coaching ally within the prospect’s business. 

If you’re in the complex sales arena, you’ll definitely want to check out this video.

You’ll also learn in this video that there are 3 Keys to Develop a Coach Ally

Now…you may not find one person who fits exactly into all three key areas to be a Coach Ally for you.. but there is one way to test if the person has the potential to become your coach ally…Watch the video and learn how.


Here’s the real bonus…as you develop coach allies for different sales, you’ll eventually, over time build up a network of reliable resources in these coach allies who can guide you to the right players in any account!


Don’t expect the coach ally to sell for you. Only you can sell your product. The coach ally is guiding you to navigate through the nuances of the business and to help you understand deeper the decision makers and their department needs.

Double bonus…working with you as your coach ally, puts them in the unique position to help you further by recommending referrals to you without you even asking.

Start adding as a sales strategy developing coach ally’s when prospecting. And if you need tips for a sales conversation..check out this recent article to help you!

Types of Questions you should ask in Sales Conversations

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