Sales Coach Christine Harrington

Here are 7 Steps to Build Your Sales Pipeline. Watch Now!

Building a sales pipeline in the 21st century is definitely different than back in the day of the 20th century. If you need to boost your lackluster sales pipeline this month, in this video you’ll learn 7 steps with a Bonus step at the end of this video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Building a sales pipeline doesn’t happen overnight. Often times it could take up to 90 days to fill the sales pipeline and start seeing results.

If your employer doesn’t supply leads or have a business development team, it’s up to you to find and cultivate qualified leads. That alone is a full-time job!

If this is you, then you know how important it is to work efficiently, and strategically! The 7 steps with the Bonus in this video will give you ideas and strategies to build a solid pipeline. Plus Step #7 addresses the one issue we all fall victim to!

The Bonus step will help you earn 4-5 times more than sale reps that don’t utilize the bonus step. So be sure and watch until the end.

And for your reading pleasure, here is an article I wrote “Are You Stopping too Soon?” that ties in nicely to the subject of this video.

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