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Before You Send Your Next Digital Email Read This!

Yes, before you send your next digital email read this! In this digital era of selling, salespeople all over the world are huddled in front of their laptops believing they are selling. Email campaigns, social media posts, networking through LinkedIn.

And NONE of it is real human to human interaction. Oh yes, someone types back a response to your emails or posts, but many salespeople have fallen into the trap of believing this is selling. IT IS NOT.

You don’t sell through email. You market through email.

You don’t sell through social media posts. You market through social media posts.

You don’t network by sending an InMail through LinkedIn, you’re just sending another form of email…hence another marketing email.

I’m not saying there is no place for digital in the selling world…it’s just another tool like the CRM.

However, the only way to sell is voice to voice (over the phone, Skype, video conferencing) and face to face. That’s it. (excluding transactional sales like Amazon or online stores)


Because always think in terms of the relationship you want to develop with the prospect or client.

Before you send your next digital email ask; what is it you want to accomplish? How can this best be handled?

Then don’t send an email when a phone call is more effective.

Don’t make a phone call when a meeting is more effective.

Stop looking for the easier path. Instead, take the most effective path.

I know what you’re thinking…But Christine, if I call all I get is voice mail.

Ok. So prepare a good voice message to leave and stop winging your voice messages. If you are a priority to your prospect or client, they will pick up your call and return your calls. If your calls are not being returned you have a different problem…you need to examine why you’re not a priority! It’s as simple as that.

Still, need convincing? New research from McKinsey suggests this…

There’s no doubt that digital is rocket fuel for sales organizations. B2B sales leaders using digital effectively enjoy five times the growth of their peers who are not at the cutting edge of digital adoption. But a recent McKinsey survey of B2B customers highlighted a more nuanced reality. What customers most desire is great digital interactions and the human touch.


To sell effectively, it goes back to what’s best for the prospect. Sending email may be easy for you, but is it the best choice for the buyer?

Reexamine how you’re interacting with prospects and customers. Think strategically before sending the next email. What is the best human touch for this buyer or for this situation?

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