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Are you underestimating results your product/service can generate?

In this short 5 minute video here’s an important question to ask yourself….are you underestimating results your product/service can generate?

This is a thing…I run up against all the time in my coaching practice. Business owners or account executives I coach undervalue and underestimate the results their products and service can generate for their prospects.

In This Video..

You’ll uncover how you can fully utilize and stop underestimating results by not just using the old stand by ROI. ROI is important, but it’s not the only result your prospect may need. If you can’t uncover more than ROI…you’re in trouble!

There’s a two-step exercise you’ll learn in this video so you don’t fall into the trap of underestimating results your product/service can generate for your prospects.

Next, apply this to your upcoming sales appointments and go through this exercise with each prospect. See if you can identify other possible results your prospect may have never considered that could push the prospect over the edge to buy.


Our job as a sales professional is to identify all the issues so we can match up solutions through our products/services to give the prospect the best possible results.

After you’ve tried this, come back and share your results in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you did.

One last tip

If you’re struggling to understand the prospect or the decision maker, find someone within the company that can guide you about the nuances of the company and the decision maker.

Not only do you need a clear understanding of your prospects business model, but you also need a clear understanding of how results generally operate in your business model.

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