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Is it a Cold Call or Blind Call? Learn which one you should be doing.

Have you had the experience where you’re telling a story, someone jumps in and one up’s you?

You know the person.

I hope you haven’t got the idea that I’m that person. I have some good stories, but I’m not trying to one up anyone.

And I hope you haven’t got the idea that I think I know everything about selling and that I do it flawlessly.

I don’t. Too often I don’t take my own advice and I procrastinate when cold calling.

Mark Hunter recently said regarding cold calling, “A no isn’t permanent. It’s only a moment in time.”

And that’s what today’s helpful tip is about. The obvious is often overlooked, even in the “no”.

First, let’s talk about cold call or blind call, then we’ll get back to that “no”.

Jeffrey Jackson made a distinction between a cold call and a blind call which is a very valid distinction.

Is it a Cold Call or Blind Call?

A blind call is placing a sales phone call without any information. You may have a phone number, and the company name, but no information on who the right person is to have a sales conversation.

A cold call is placing a sales call knowing a couple of people to contact and their positions, which possibly may include the CEO . How do you know this? Because you did research on the company, c-suite, and their products.

Which call would you rather make?

It’s so easy to do a few minutes of research before making that blind call. With platforms like LinkedIn, it’s very easy to gather important information that could help you when placing the sales call.

Yet, many sales pros skip this step.


You tell me. It’s simply dumb not to do research.

I’m not perfect. But I will say this…even with prospects that reach out to me, I always do a little research before I have a conversation with them.

Personal Story

A few days ago, a sales manager sent me an email, asking my opinion about a situation, and could he book a consultation. I’m talking to him on Friday. Today, I did research on him, the company he works for and his sales team. Based on what he already shared with me, I found even more ways, I believe I can help him. Without the research, I couldn’t be as effective.

Selling is helping. It’s not grin and bear it because you’re required to cold call. Take the initiative to make the most out of every call you make, for your sake AND the prospects sake.

It’s easier than you think.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not getting kick backs from LinkedIn, but If you’re not on it for research, to make a presence, to help prospects find you…you’re wasting the best resource for sales people.

Here are my best resources when cold calling:

1.) LinkedIn

2.) Hoovers

3.) Google

4.) Company’s Website, I’m prospecting

Make sure you aren’t overlooking the obvious. Go through your stuff and look for tips you may be missing.

Be resourceful.

Make true cold calls instead of blind calls.

The NO

Now…about the “no”.

Just because you’re told no, it doesn’t mean forever. As Mark Hunter said, “it’s only a moment in time.”

Circumstances change. Needs change. Personnel changes.

I’ve had it happen, where the decision maker left the company, and now there’s a new sheriff in town. I’m sure it’s happened in your sales world too. You won’t know about the new sheriff if you accepted the no, and canned the prospect.

Revisit those no’s if you still have them.

How about all the prospects that canceled appointments? How many times have you tried to reschedule? My guess is you may have attempted a few calls and then give up.

Set a goal this week to reschedule 5 canceled appointments. Just because they canceled, doesn’t mean they weren’t interested. I canceled 4 dentist appointments before I finally sucked it up and went to the dentist. The need will eventually win out over the pain!

Think about

  • whether you’re cold calling or blind calling.
  • the no.
  • the canceled appointments that you didn’t reschedule.
  • all these opportunities you’ve left on the table for your competitors.

Go back and revisit these situations, that were all just one moment in time.

Now, I’d like to hear from you! Tap your fingers across the keyboard and tell me if you’re willing to try these tips this week.

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