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Are You Making This Expensive Mistake?

Having a sales process is essential, but it means nothing if you can’t effectively communicate with the buyer. Communication skills or lack of will make or break your sales. Are you making this expensive mistake?

Communication skills are more essential than a sales process.


There I said it!

And yet in my 40 years of selling, I can’t recall one professional sales training, that actually taught communication skills.

In this article, you’ll learn 3 simple yet effective communication tips you can begin using today. 


In Bill McGowan’s book Pitch Perfect

he said this

“Saying the right thing the right way can make the difference between sealing the deal or losing the account,”


When was the last time you thought about improving your communication skills?

Maybe…right now?


Here are 3 Quick Tips 

#1  Say it right the first time.

When you communicate it right the first time people will hear it right the first time.  This will save time and you’ll be more productive.

So stop the ad-libing.

Scripts are your friend. I’ve preached this over and over.

Professionals don’t ad-lib. They say it right the first time, with the right words and tone. Then they practice, practice. Practice! How many times have you heard me say that!

When you communicate it right the first time people will hear your message clearly. There will be no misunderstanding. 

Tip #2 Believe what you say.

Professionals aren’t Wishy-washy. They say what they mean and mean what they say…so should you.

Stay away from wishy-washy words like

I Think

Sort of

Kind of

Project certainty, because the buyer needs certainty in order to say yes to your offer.

When you use wishy-washy phrases you look and sound weak.

Tip #3 Project excitement and enthusiasm.

There’s nothing worse than listening to a monotone salesperson drone on and on.

A sales manager sent me a sales rep to work with because the guy sounded boring..I mean he could put the dead to sleep!

I asked him to recall a memory where he felt excited and then describe it to me as excited.

Well as you can imagine, that didn’t go well.

He needed a voice coach, not a sales coach!

If that’s you then I highly recommend you work with a voice coach to help you learn breathing techniques, how to project your voice and how to enunciate words.

Roger Love has excellent YouTube videos and courses to learn how to master your voice. When you do, you’ll be able to capture the buyer’s attention instead of putting the buyer to sleep!

So let’s recap

#1 Say it right the first time.

#2 Believe what you say

#3 Say it with enthusiasm

Brushing up on communication skills will help you in writing emails, presenting, and speaking to your buyer. Add this skill to your professional selling life. It will make a difference! I’m not affiliated with the book Pitch Perfect, but I highly recommend it as a resource to learn different ways to improve your communication skills.

If you need help on how to communicate effectively, begin by scheduling your free introductory phone call. Start here.

Christine Harrington is the Savvy Sales Lady, helping sales teams and individuals win more sales through a unique way of selling called Peak Performance Mindset. Christine brings 40 years of selling experience with Fortune 500 Companies, to help you shorten the learning curve, move past your selling blocks and position yourself as a Peak Performer. Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales Teams, Small Business owners and their employees have captured their edge through attending Christine’s Peak Performance Mindset Workshop and Coaching. Learn how she can help you or your team get the edge by clicking here

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