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Hi There! I love to hear from the Savvy Sales Lady Community.   If you have any questions regarding my products, services or maybe you have a quick question….just fill out the “contact Christine” form below to contact me!

I DO read every message and will respond as quickly as you can do 100 sit-ups…ok..just kidding..you don’t need to do the sit-ups!

Seriously, maybe you have a sales question or simply want to price coaching for your sales team or one of my workshops. Simply fill out the below form and in the message ask to schedule a complimentary introductory phone call.

NEW Sales Consultation Service

However, every once in a while, you may feel stuck and overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve started a new sales job in a new territory or a promotion now places you in a new role as a Sales Manager. All you need is a little direction.

Maybe you just have a specific issue or problem you’d like coaching on. Whatever the need, I do offer a one time paid Sales Consultation service. In the message section on the form below, indicate you’re interested in scheduling a one time Sales Consultation service.