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3 Accountability Tips to Drive December Sales 

It’s December 6th and you’re crazy behind on your year-end sales goal. Now what? In this article, you’ll learn 3 accountability tips to drive December sales.

Michelangelo said,

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.”

Looking back…what was your aim? Did you convince yourself the corporate sales goal was impossible?

If you’re scrambling around in December like a blind squirrel trying to find a nut…my question is…


It’s too late!

Elvis has left the building.

The train has left the station…without you! 

Where were you the other 11 months? (A fair question to ask yourself.)

So…Now What?

I’m not going to discourage you from giving it your all. But let me ask this question…Have you ever sold in one month what you need to sell to meet your year-end goal? 

Most salespeople tell me no.

I bet it’s a “no” for you too.

Here are 3 Accountability Tips to Drive December Sales 

    1. Get Real  Take off your rose-colored glasses. It’s time to deal in reality, since you haven’t the other 11 months. Look at your prior months. What’s your average sales month over the last 11 months? Whatever that dollar amount or number of sales represent… that is your personal best month. Make December’s goal to outperform your personal best. The aim is to shoot for the monthly corporate sales goal. If you do that, there’s a good chance you’ll beat your personal best month. (Remember the Michelangelo quote?)
    2. Hold Yourself Accountable   Don’t wait for your boss…YOU hold yourself accountable every single day. The salespeople who do not hold themselves accountable never hit their corporate sales goal. NEVER! (I’ve seen this across the board in coaching.) Is this you? If this is a new skill for you to learn, then I suggest you really practice it in December so when the new year rolls around you’ve master accountability. Your boss will love you for this! And the bonus is…you’ll have a much greater chance of being on target for your year-end goal next December.
    3. Keep Your Commitments  Most people wouldn’t dream of not keeping their commitments to co-workers, clients, friends or family members. However, many people will easily break commitments to themselves. Keep your commitments to YOU! This is important for accomplishing goals, holding yourself accountable and for elevating your self-worth. If you often break your commitments to yourself, ask the important question of “why”. It could reveal why attaining goals is not a priority.

Here’s the Plan know your personal best sales number to aim for in December. But remember…you’re going to aim higher.

  • Take your monthly corporate sales goal and break it down into a weekly goal then into a daily goal. Each day, only focus on the daily goal. Don’t look behind you, next to you or out in front of you. Only look at today.
  • Then each day prepare a plan on how to exceed your daily sales goal.
  • Hold yourself accountable each hour during the work day to stay on target. Check in with you!
  • Don’t break any commitments you’ve made to yourself. If you fall, pick yourself up and keep the next commitment. Don’t whine or make excuses. Push through!
  • If you find yourself struggling to hold yourself accountable, then search for an accountability partner. Someone who tells you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

What do these tips really accomplish? Setting better work habits and personal habits which will propel you into the new year. That’s the exciting part…you get to start fresh in the new year, accomplishing more than the year before!

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