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Best Visual Sales Tool

Best Visual Sales Tool. It’s not Techy. It works!

Best Visual Sales Tool

How many times have you looked for a way, a system, or an App to be more efficient on the job? Perhaps you’re an avid Salesforce user like me, or maybe you prefer a simpler method to organize your work. Believe it or not, there are still people in this world that prefer traditional ways over the newest, flashiest app or smartphone. Not everyone is techy. 

Meet Jenny Baird, an advisor for Ohio Valley Insurance, Franklin KY office. Jenny is one of my clients on the OVI sales team. She recently shared with me a system that’s working beautifully for her. I asked Jenny if I could share her story with you. 

Jenny’s system is not a new fancy App or another daily planner. It’s not the dashboard of a CRM platform. It’s something..well…old fashion. Jenny took a suggestion I gave her and made it her own, in a much better way too!

Jenny was struggling with organization and structure. She was behind in processing quotes, among other duties that kept falling to the wayside. She was frustrated, and stressed. The work day ran her instead of Jenny running her work day. Can you relate? 

In one of our sessions, I suggested to Jenny that she use post a notes. The post a note idea came from Jeffrey Gitomer. He talks about putting each goal on post a note and sticking the notes on your bathroom mirror. As you accomplish the goal, move the post a note to your bedroom mirror. This visual is a powerful reminder of your successes. 

Personally, I’ve used Jeffrey Gitomer’s post a note idea since 2005. I’ve always loved it because it actually inspires me, at least twice a day, to keep working towards my goals in order to move the notes from the bathroom to the bedroom mirror. At the end of the year, I start over with new goals. I keep all the post a notes I’ve achieved in my top dresser drawer. Whenever I feel discouraged, I pull those post a notes out and feel the strength of accomplishment just by holding all those notes!

I told Jenny the power of this story and how a simple little thing like goals on post a notes can accomplish big things. Jenny took the idea and ran with it.

Instead of posting her goals at home…Jenny used the post a notes to keep her organized and on track at work.

Best Visual Sales Tool

Here is the picture she sent me with her white board, and post a notes.

A simple idea she expanded into an organizational tool. This is why I asked Jenny if  I could share her story with you, because organization is something many people in sales struggle with. And besides, I’m really proud of Jenny!

Here’s How it Works

It’s the visual component that makes this old fashion way of doing things so powerful. Jenny can visually see the prospect moving down the sales line. From

New Prospect to

In Process (quoting) to

Presented/Pending to

Wrote or SOLD!

Every post a note on the whiteboard is a prospect she is moving down the sales line. She’s already sold 4 and it’s only the middle of March! She has 9 that’s ready to sell, 2 in the process and 1 new prospect. And by next week, Jenny will no doubt have 4-5 additional prospects added to her board.

Jenny’s manager, Brent Thacker, shared wth me that the post a note idea has really helped her stay focused, motivated and organized. And I think the way Jenny expanded the post a note idea is brilliant. As a matter of fact, I putting the same idea up on my office wall! Thank you Jenny.

Try it because it’s a fascinating way to visually see the pipeline and physically move each prospect on a post a note down the sales line. There’s something satisfying about moving the post a note. It really immerses you into the process and excitement bubbles up as you move the post a note down the sales line! I know it sounds insane but try it…it really does work! 

Jenny is on track to exceed her 2017 goals and there’s no doubt in my mind she will. Visually seeing her accomplishments keep her inspired. In this world of high tech is best, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it can be as simple as a white board with post a notes. 

Instead of looking for the next new App, try something less the pleasure of creating a sales line, and physically moving the prospect to the goal line of SOLD!

Are you inspired to use Jenny Baird’s idea…will you let me know in the comments below. 

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