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You’re 20 Success Habits Away from Sales Success

“I’m good” was the answered received to the question, “How much sales training have you had?”

Jake, a local sales manager called me for advice when he stepped into a new role with a new company. Most of his sales team replied, “I’m good” when he asked the question “How much sales training have you had?” Only 4 out of the 20 on his sales team EVER consistently hit their sales goals.

The sales person questioned had less than three years selling and no formal sales training. This sales person was proud of how much she sold over three years, even though she never hit her sales goal.

This is not a unique situation. It’s commonplace. I’ve been there too. I call it settling for average…the Death Star of Sales.

It’s a self-denial saying, “I’m good.” What you’re really saying is “I don’t want to learn or improve my sales skills. I choose to stay in the comfort of the little box I’ve built. I’ve done just fine and my sales are just fine too.”

Hmmm. Really?

I’m good.

I’m fine.

My sales are fine.

These are all statements of settling for average. When you’ve convinced yourself, sales are good enough, you don’t have to force yourself out of your little box to grow and learn.

And I know how deep you’ve convinced yourself… Deep enough that you actually feel pride about being average in sales!

Some sales people reading this will feel offended. Here’s a tissue to wipe your eyes. Sales isn’t soft and safe. It forcing yourself day in and day out to learn, grow and take a giant leap out of your posh, comfortable little box you love so much.

Here’s a clue:

You’ll never “feel” like growing or learning. It’s a discipline you must cultivate into a habit. If you wait until you “feel good” about selling outside your comfort zone, well…you’ll probably lose your job in a couple of years because you were FIRED..waiting to feel good about learning and growing!

So How Do You Blow Up the Death Star of Sales?
  • Self-Awareness: The opposite of Self- Denial. Recognize and admit your average. If you’re not hitting your sales goals… you’re not a Peak Performer. In sales “average” means you’re not an asset but a drain. A business cannot survive with a bunch of “average” performers. That’s the truth Buttercup. Suck it up.
  • Stop waiting for the “feeling”, because it will never come. Instead start taking action that produces sales. MASSIVE SALES ACTION..Everyday! Not busy work. Not service work. SALES ACTION. If you don’t know the difference, or you think you’re the only one that can properly service your clients, there in lies the problem. If you’re fired, your former clients will be taken care of (without you!) Self Importance is a smaller Death Star, circling your Mammoth Death Star! Your employer will make sure your clients are very well taken care of once you’re gone.
  • Dedicate yourself to learning every aspect of sales, and learning about yourself. To be a Peak Performer, you must encompass your entire being, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Read one sales book a month. Follow sales thought leaders. Enroll in Toastmasters. Start a networking meeting in your area. Become an expert at sales and in your industry. Research your clients, your industry and your community.Yes…it does take work. Lots of work! Peak Performers do all of these things plus more!
  • Create Success Habits: Morning Ritual. Every morning, set yourself up for success by building habits that anchor your day. Don’t rush to your cell phone to check messages. Instead allow time to charge your mind, body and soul for the upcoming day.

Did you know you’re just 20 habits away from moving your sales from average to hitting your goals?

Here are the 20 Success Habits Peak Sales Performers Cultivate.You’re 20 Success Habits Away from Sales Success
  1. Morning ritual habit
  2. Exercise habit
  3. Plan your day habit
  4. Managing email habit
  5. Cold Calling Habit
  6. Practice your scripts habit
  7. Practice sales presentation habit
  8. Prospecting habit
  9. Filling sales funnel habit
  10. Research your prospects habit
  11. Research your industry habit
  12. Research your competition habit
  13. Holding 5-10 sales call appointments each week habit
  14. Networking habit
  15. Being a connector habit
  16. Sending value added emails habit
  17. Reading habit
  18. Learning more about selling habit
  19. Follow up within 48 hours habit
  20. Structure daily sales activities habit

Now…stop lying to yourself. Stop with the stories you make up in order to settle for average. Your employer will only put up with average for so long. If this is hard to swallow, then take a spoon full of sugar to make the truth go down.

The Death Star of Sales is settling for average and the unwillingness to admit the truth.

Circling back to the beginning of the story..

Will it come as any surprise to you when I asked Jake out of the 4 who consistently hit their goals, what was different about them? He said they all had formal sales training, had habits of learning and reading. He shared, their daily activities consisted of prospecting, cold calling and everyday was planned out with a structure.

To be a Peak Sales Performer, you must live outside your comfort zone. You must develop habits of success by practicing your sales scripts, taking massive sales action, scheduling your day for sales success and feeding your mind with sales books, motivational videos and choosing growth instead of choosing average.

You can turn it all around in 30 days by cultivating the 20 success habits. It’s your choice and in your control or you can leave it up to your employer to take over control to find your replacement.

Let me ask this question. If you were a business owner, would you settle for average sales?

I didn’t think so.

Now it’s your turn….what sales success habits drive your sales results. Scroll down to the bottom and leave your comments!

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