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5 Simple Questions to Ask…If You Want More Leads

5 Simple Questions to Ask …If You Want More Leads

Question…if you can get your prospecting emails past the gatekeeper and into the hands of the decision maker what will that do for your sales?

Did you know that many in the C-Suite have their personal assistants manage their emails?

That’s why I put together these 5 simple questions to ask. These questions will help get past the gatekeepers and personal assistants in your world.

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5 Simple Questions to Ask

How infuriating is it when you know you have a great product or service and you feel like the best-kept secret?

Being the best-kept secret is not only infuriating; it’s also the difference between missing another sales goal and being the top salesperson on your team making a kazillion dollars!

Leads are your life-blood.

Yeah, this is an old worn out saying that’s often ignored yet massively obvious!

Even a brilliant email will go unread if it goes to the wrong person. But even a pretty lackluster one can work if it finds its way to the right person…sometimes.

Now, if you’ve tried buying lead lists, you know the lists are grossly inaccurate. I can tell you a few stories where I’ve been caught myself in the naive hope that the list vendor-for once was honest-but wasn’t.

Be honest with yourself. How long do you spend creating emails that compels your prospect into eagerly replying?

Or do you do the ‘ol copy and paste that you stole from someone else?

If this is you, you only have yourself to blame when you struggle to develop a relationship with your best prospect!

Here’s how you get your prospects reaching for the phone to call you or respond to your email.

5 Simple Questions to Ask

  1. Are you getting your emails or letters pass the gatekeeper or personal assistant?
  2. Are your emails getting read?
  3. Are your sales letters getting read? (Yes, you should still send sales letters the old fashion way)
  4. Are your prospects taking your calls?

(The last question suggests you know what you’re doing)

        5. Are your prospects calling you or responding to your emails?

Now, let’s break this down.

Are you getting your emails or letters pass the gatekeeper or personal assistant?

Look at your past emails that have gone unanswered. See if this looks familiar because most emails fail for these simple reasons.

  • Do your emails talk about you, your product/service, and your company?
  • Do your emails talk about the needs and issues of the prospect?

You may find you, your product/service and company deeply fascinating, but your prospect doesn’t give two hoots!

Your prospects want to know what you or what you sell can do for them. And why your product does it better than the competitor. Face it…they can easily buy from your competitor.

Getting past the gatekeeper or personal assistant will be simple once your email or letter helps their well-guarded boss solve problems. Now your email has sudden value. It will stay in their bosses inbox flagged because they know what the bosses concerns are.

Immediately, right at the beginning of the email, say something helpful before it winds up in the electronic trash!

Do this by writing to catch the attention of the prospect. Not just any prospect, because you can’t sell to everyone. You must pick out the ones who have a pain by touching a raw nerve.

Then say something intelligent about the problem at the very beginning. Often a subject line will do it. Then the first sentence of the email must imply a solution. Use the next few sentences to expand on it. Make it sound simple, easy and effortless as you can. Don’t lie though.


So here is a real example I received the other day. Poor soul was really trying to product puke all over that email!

Dear Savvy Sales Lady,

Let me introduce myself, I am the SEO Specialist assigned to the entrepreneur sector of XXXXX Corp.

XXXXX Corp. is a $100 million global technology corporation specializing in solutions that optimize the performance of entrepreneur’s website, business, and CRM infrastructures. Our solutions allow customers to build competitive advantage through technology.

We combine real business expertise with the strong practical know-how to implement technology that works. Our customers become more competitive through

  • Improved SEO rankings 

  • Increased revenue through CRM utilization

Well…you get the picture. Did your eyes glaze over at the first sentence? Do you have any clue what the person is selling? I sure don’t. The same sort of rubbish finds it way in my inbox every day. I hope your emails don’t look like this poor soul. 

If you notice, everything in the email above can apply to just about every technology company on planet earth!

The email above was talking AT me not TO me.


Here’s how I rewrote the email:

Dear Savvy Sales Lady

Here’s how a new approach to SEO ranking has already increased the revenue of one training company, similar to yours. Their revenue increased by 22% by simply tweaking SEO.

This new approach to SEO ranking is proven too. If you give me 5 minutes of your valuable time, I’ll give you 3 case studies of companies similar to yours that increased revenues by over 22% by just tweaking their SEO.

You be the judge. Which message do you think has a better chance of being seen as valuable by the prospect or gatekeeper?

When you try and sell anything to everyone, you’ll hit barriers. Nobody wakes up thinking, “hmmm…what can I spend money on today?” Most think…”how can I get more for less.”

BUT try and help someone solve a problem or increase their money…you briefly win some attention which compels them to pick up the phone and call you.

Once you prove to the gatekeeper or personal assistant you can solve their bosses problems, well the rest of the questions are easily answered.

Now, if you’ve read this far, I guess I’ve been helpful enough to win your attention. Right?

So why stop here?

Learn more about prospecting. It will help you a lot more than these little snippets of insights.

And it certainly will not break the Christmas budget either at only $5.99. (I’m almost embarrassed about the price!)

Why not do it now? Just $5.99 to help you think bigger and differently about prospecting. I bet your morning coffee was about the same price!

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