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Are you a half smart sales person?

Are You a Half Smart Salesperson? Read to Find Out More

Have you ever tried getting your prospects attention by being smart or clever in an email?

It can work if you’re a smart salesperson and clever enough to come up with something that also sells.

Most cases….it comes across as “trying” to be smart and clever..or worse, just another typical generic (vanilla) email.

There’s a fine line between clever (capturing attention) and absurd (laughing at your dismal attempt).

Here’s a good example of an email I received. 

From: Deepa Singh

Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 3:32 PM

Subject: Mobile Apps Proposal


Do you need a custom, native iOS or Android app?

We are a leading mobile app design and development company. We design and develop mobile apps. Apps that get featured in the App Store. Our team is united by an unwavering passion for quality. We are a team of developers, designers, and strategists passionately pursuing the bleeding, hairsplitting, cutting edge of mobile apps. We’re not here to work on just any apps or for any client. We come to work in the morning to build the best apps for the best clients. It’s what makes us tick.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll take your project to the next level. The first step is easy – just reach out to us.

Would request you to get on a call to understand your requirement so that we can provide you our process and development approach for the same.

Look forward to your response.


Deepa Singh

Tell me…do you think this is a smart salesperson or a clever email?

Here’s the follow-up email I received on February 7th, 2018, 5 months AFTER his first email.

On Feb 7, 2018, at 6:02 AM, Deepa Singh

Hi -Greeting!

Just wanted to touch base with you to check if you have had a chance to review our last email.

Could I talk to you about app development requirements your organization may have? ?

I would be happy to share our past work details, methodologies & client testimonials before the call for your review. Let me know.

Kind Regards,

Deepa Singh

Can You See the Problem? 

Both emails fail. They’re not smart, clever or even original. The emails are vanilla..typical product dumping emails. AND it was a mass email blast sent to “undisclosed” recipients.

Not once does Mr. Singh acknowledge my business, my business needs or how he can help me with my business goals?

And the worse part…the follow-up is 5 months later! I’d never do business with someone who follows up 5 months later…would you?

My pet peeve is the follow-up. I’ve witnessed too many sales opportunities fail because the salesperson took too long to follow-up.

Every hour that passes, the prospect’s interest in what you sell recedes farther and farther into their consciousness.

Then “poof”…you become a distant memory.

If you wait longer than 48 hours to follow-up, your chances of closing that sale diminishes drastically.

Every tic toc, tic toc of the clock, signals you’re losing!

And here are the two biggest offenders of Deepa Singh’s email

  • “Look forward to your response.”
  • “Let me know.”

As you can imagine, I did neither.

Your Job as a Smart Salesperson

You’re job as a smart salesperson is to do the follow-up. It’s not the prospect’s responsibility to follow-up with you!

Here’s how I end my “prospecting” emails.

I’ll give you a call Wednesday morning (assuming I sent the email on Monday, giving a 48-hour follow-up window) to see if any questions have surfaced.

Always take the responsibility of following-up.

Two lessons as a takeaway.

1.) Always ask yourself, am I being too clever or too vanilla?

2.) Am I following up within 48 hours and taking responsibility for the follow-up

Your job is to sell not to be entertaining or leaving all the follow-up in the hands of the prospect.

David Ogilvy’s motto was, “we sell…or else.”

Adopt his motto for your own.

That’s why I say in my Youtube videos learn sales intelligence so you can sell intelligent.

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