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How to Rehumanize Selling

Are you feeling the frustration of pouring your time into composing the right emails that seem to disappear into a black hole?

Are you sick of never getting calls returned after painstakingly putting time and effort into all the voice messages you’ve left?

You and everyone else in the business world are experiencing the same frustrations.

So what is the answer….you’re about to find out!

Keep reading if you want to

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Build deeper connections
  • And Convert at a higher percentage

2 tips on the best way to leave a voice message.

1.) If the prospect listens to your message by chance, instead of leading with your name lead with a value message such as

Hi Becky, The reason for my call today is

Then add in one short value proposition to get their attention. After that, you can say your phone number, name and what company you’re calling from. 

Here’s how my message sounds,

Hi Becky, the reason for my call today is I’m guessing you’re facing similar challenges that my current clients once faced such as sales managers not knowing how to coach their average performers to success. My number is ….This is Christine Harrington with The Savvy Sales Lady. I’ll follow up with a video email. 

Take this script and make it your own. Be sure to follow up with an email. However, the best solution to rehumanize the way we communicate is to send a video email. Since using video emails, my open rate has soared to 80%! That’s right folks…it’s a powerful tool for prospecting, follow-up messages, or anything under the sun. Use it to deepen connections and to communicate more clearly and effectively.

2.) Only use one call to action in a voice message or email. Too often I see the mistake of trying to cram every value proposition into one email or voice message. Make your message simple with one call to action. First, ask yourself,

What is my desired outcome of this email or voice message?

Then pick the right call to action or value proposition to match your desired outcome. Creating a clear call to action for your prospect will pave the way for a more successful conversion rate.

4 most important things to consider before hitting that send button on an email

Most emails are viewed on a mobile phone such as an iPhone or Andriod so people are scanning quickly to decide what emails to read and which ones to delete. Just keep in mind, when viewing emails on a mobile device, the recipient is only seeing snippets of information called a preview text. For a successful open rate, your emails must contain these 4 qualities.

  1. Sender Name: Make it clear to the recipient that the email is coming from you.  If your email address doesn’t clearly state your name, it could cause your email to end up in the trash folder. You can actually change your email name appearance in your mobile device. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply Google the instructions.
  2. Subject Line: Make this area intriguing enough to compel the recipient to want to open your email. This is one of the most challenging areas where you need to get creative. Ask yourself, ‘does this subject line compel me to want to read my email?’  The subject line should include one or more of these elements: Urgency, Actionable, Number or Counts. Such as “One minute to Read” or “3 ideas on..” “Time Sensitive. Need Yes or No by..”
  3. Preview Text: The first sentence of your email is the most important sentence of the entire email because it’s the preview text that’s shown on a mobile device. AND AGAIN it must be compelling so the recipient will read your email.
  4. CTA=Call to Action The body of your email should only be a few paragraphs…not War and Peace! BUT be sure to include a Call to Action. I prefer a Call to Action I promise to make…such as ‘I’ll give you a call on (day) to answer any questions that may surface.‘ Position this sentence as your last sentence in the email. Instead of asking the prospect to reply, tell them the call to action you’ll make instead. Make it appear as your next step in the sales process.


Approach voice messages and emails in a well thought out campaign to increase conversion rates. Implement the 4 qualities all emails should contain as outlined above.

WARNING Avoid sending click-bait

If the recipient clicks on one of your click-bait emails the recipient won’t make the same mistake a second time and all of your emails will go straight to trash. Resist the temptation. It’s not worth your reputation.

What ideas can you share about your success when sending emails and leaving voice messages? I’d love to read yours in the comments below. And if you have any questions, leave those too! I appreciate you all, and thank you for being a part of the Savvy Sales Lady Community!

Christine Harrington is the Savvy Sales Lady, helping sales teams and individuals win more sales through a unique way of selling called Peak Performance Mindset. Christine brings 40 years of selling experience with Fortune 500 Companies, to help you shorten the learning curve, move past your selling blocks and position yourself as a Peak Performer. Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales Teams, Small Business owners and their employees have captured their edge by attending Christine’s Peak Performance Mindset Workshop and Coaching. Learn how she can help you or your team. Get the edge by clicking here


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