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Will they Respond?

Will They Respond? How to Boost Email Responses!

Do you worry every time you send an email out into the world…will they respond? I know I use to worry about it. And I still worry about it with my newsletters. Frankly, I 'll always worry whether the content I provide to you is helpful or not. Getting your feedback is valuable to me so I know what you're looking to improve. Lately, I've had a few people ask for ideas on boosting a higher quality of email responses. In this article today, you’ll learn a few additional tips on how to boost email responses. 

Here are 3 tips to Boost Email Responses

Tip #1 Email Address

When you receive an email, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like me, you look to see who sent the email..right? If you have a relationship with that person, either personally, through business or social media, you've likely read and responded. 

Your prospects and customers probably do the same when receiving your emails. And if they find you interesting, and helpful they will likely respond.

However, the first thing your prospects will look at is your name. That’s why your name should always be used instead of the company you sell for. People develop relationships with people, not companies.

Tip #2 Subject Line

The second glance the prospect will make is at the subject line. Will the subject line create enough curiosity to inspire the prospect to read the email?

And don’t try to be overly clever in the subject line. Here are a few bad ones I’ve received.

-Spellbinding Tips ALL COACHES use.

-Triple your income instantly!

Would you find these subject lines even believable? Both emails went immediately into the trash. Clickbait never works and labels your emails as ridiculous.

Personalizing the subject line like the one I just received from Panera Bread “Christine, get a $10 bonus card” creates familiarity. We will often respond or at the very least read an email that has our name in the subject line.

There's one more thing to consider about the subject line and you can read about it here which contains a list of what to avoid in the subject line.

Tip #3 Email Message 

And what about the main email message. Here’s one idea I've had success with that I’d like to pass on.


I was thinking about you today….

As a matter of fact, you can say that in the subject line as well…

Kim, I was thinking about you today…

Obviously, you can't send this to a prospect that doesn't know you, but it can certainly be used in a follow-up email, or to renew a prospect relationship that may have stalled.

The more personalized the email, the better results you'll have boosting email responses. Always ask yourself before sending, 'would I respond to this email?'

Tip #4 Keep the main message brief 

Keep the main message brief and concise if you're keen on boosting email responses. We all do it and you probably do too..glance at the length of the email to decide if it's worth the time to read. If the email resembles War and Peace, chances are it will go unread which means no response.

A few paragraphs with a few sentences in each paragraph are enough when sending a prospecting email.

Tip #5 Write how you talk

Write your emails how you talk. I get want to sound professional and taken seriously. In the past, I made the mistake of sending jargon-heavy industry languaged emails to sound impressive. Rarely did I receive a response. Nobody wants to read a robotic style email laced with acronyms and jargon that you only know. Instead, have a conversational approach when composing emails. This opens up the recipient to have a conversation back by responding.


This can most definitely backfire if your language is too loose. I'd like to share with you what I mean. Here's an email I received in January of this'll be as shocked as I was!

Will they Respond?

I've never talked to this person, never met this person, and it was the first prospecting email she sent to me. What do you think I did with that stupid email...and it has nothing to do with my business! Julian no doubt thinks her email is cute but she's the only one. And what about my business speaks "bird music"! She's probably still wondering why I never replied to her "clever" email!

Somewhere along the way of casual Friday's evolved casual speech as well. I know you know this but it's a reminder because even I've been called 'dude' in emails and in coaching sessions!

If you're looking to be the difference in your space, then use these four tips to boost email responses.


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