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Why Your Follow Up Isn't Working. Here's 4 tips

Why Your Follow Up Isn’t Working. Here’s 4 Tips

Why Your Follow Up isn’t Working. Here's 4 Tips

Are your prospects falling into a black hole? Do you follow up with all your prospects the same way? How often do you find yourself struggling to be consistent in follow up?

Here’s why your follow up isn’t working.

Lack of Strategy

In my coaching experience, I see many sales professionals making the consistent mistake of treating all prospects the same, even with follow up. Do you categorize your prospects into different buckets of opportunities? You should.

And each prospect should have a unique strategy for follow up. One prospect may respond better to phone calls. Another may prefer text messages. Do you know the communication preference of each prospect?

Prospects defer in the opportunity they present, yet I’ve seen sales professionals treat a small opportunity the same as their largest opportunity. Not all opportunities are equal and it’s wise to form strategies around each opportunity.

Keep in mind, 25% of your opportunities should be new. 25% should be in the developing stage. 25% should be in the closing stage. And the last 25% should be in the dead horse bucket and moved out of your sales pipeline!

Lack of Organization

Make a CRM your best friend. Oh, I know, you think it’s only a management tool to use against you. Right?

A CRM will not only keep you on track of your top follow up actions each day, but it will help eliminate prospects from falling into the black hole of your desk. It’s also a good tool to keep the sale moving along until closed.

Your CRM can help you become a selling machine, if you are diligent about keeping all opportunities updated. Face it, it’s humanly impossible to keep track of all your leads, prospects, opportunities and current clients. Learn to love your CRM!

Lack of Follow Up Process

Are you making follow-up phone calls on the fly in between sales appointments? Do your voice messages sound the same for each prospect you call? How often to you stammer around leaving a voice message, hang up and regret even calling?

Do you have a goal for each call you make or are you just winging it? And let me stress again...what's the best way to communicate which each prospect. Make sure you ask. 

Remember this key point:

First decide what is your goal for communicating with the prospect. Then....don't send an email when the best option in the sales process is a phone call. Don't make a phone call when the better option is to have a face to face meeting. Always look first where the prospect is in the sales process, what is the goal for the communication, then determine the best action to take to close the deal, not the easiest action for you.

Take the time to develop your follow-up process for each prospect. Yes, it's a lot of work, but it will land you more sales than just winging it.

Lack of Courage

Here’s the big one I hear often from sales professionals “I don’t want to be a pest.” This is nothing more than an excuse wrapped in fear in order to avoid rejection. Don't fall into the trap of thinking, if they're interested they'll get back to me. It's up to you as a sales professional to explain the sales process to the prospect and when YOU will be following up with them. WHY? Because it's your responsibility to follow up. It's not the responsibility of the prospect to chase you. 

When your follow up isn't working, it's an easy fix. Fix it now and see better results.

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