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How to Keep Your Promised Goals in 2020. Simple Tips for a Better 2020

How to Keep your Promised Goals in 2020

Have you let discouragement, fear and shame or your own lethargy prevent you from moving forward in 2019? Did you fail to keep your promised goals in 2019? If you are to give into such things in 2020, then you’re just repeating 2019 and living your former sales life.

When you start fresh and begin again in 2020, here’s a word of caution….beginning again is not a one time thing.

Your sales life begins in 2020 by setting goals… (by the way this is not a goal setting session!) But when you break from the promises you’ve made by setting goals, no matter how small, you MUST begin again, every moment of every day in 2020.

And yes, setting goals is making a promise; a promise to you, your employer and your family.

Even if you’ve kept your promises and goals for the day, you are still called to choose “rightly”. To live your new 2020 sales life by making better choices and examining other areas that need to improve. Because in the next moment, you’ll need to make a better decision and each moment after that. It’s not a one and done.

Starting fresh, by beginning again is not a one time decision or choice.

It’s a renewal in each moment. When you break promised goals, you man up and admit it right away, and strive to learn from it and not repeat it. Get back up immediately when you fall. Avoid letting discouragement take hold of you. Instead, live the next moment in renewed vigor. Leave the past moment in the past and keep pushing forward.

Your victory over your old sales self of 2019 will not come in a single overpowering moment. It will come from countless little moments in which you subtlety choose your promised goals again and again.

You’ve heard me say hundreds of times on my Youtube videos. “Sales is a journey, not a quick trip around the block.” I say it because it’s true. To make the journey, it takes one step at a time and making each moment a fresh start for a new beginning.

How to Begin Again

Starting over again and again requires:

  • Strength of will to choose the promised goals over distractions
  • Humility in order to admit your bad choices
  • Courage to be honest with yourself
  • Trust that you can do it
  • Belief that your actions will be consistent with your promised goals.

If you’re thinking…sounds good, but I’m not sure if I can change my former self.

Michael Hyatt explains it this way.

Sometimes we live inside unhelpful stories we tell ourselves. Other times we nurse grievances to jusify our current actions or feel unvalued because we were slightly or disregarded in some way. If we don't get resolution, we'll drag all our unfinished business into the future and it will sabotage everything we're trying to build going forward.

Resolve your unfinished business of setbacks and frustrations then simply try anyway. Why not? There’s no better way to practice your new 2020 self unless you put the past in the past and apply yourself to NOW.

Whenever you choose to work towards your promised goals, you choose to move toward your new 2020 self. No matter how small the step, how trivial the action, you will become more humble, courageous, more honest and more willing to accept your new 2020 sales life.

When you choose your promised goals over the numerous things that will cause distraction from your goals, you’re really choosing your new sales life.

Your Choice

What will you decide to do in 2020? Repeat 2019, or choose growth, change and courage. Remember this from Dr. Carol Dweck

...the new beliefs take their place alongside the old ones and as they become stronger, they give you a different way to think, feel and act."

In the next article, you'll learn how to choose the present moment.

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