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One Important Step to Goal Achievement

Last week’s article was the highest clicked on and read article since the inception of Sales Pearls in 2014!

It struck a nerve and curiosity which resulted in a flurry of emails to me. If you missed it, click here.

Some people agreed. Some didn’t. Some simply said it caused them to think deeper.

Gwen said on the Savvy Sales Lady Facebook page:

A REALLY different perspective that sounds spot-on to me. Saving this for future discussions with some other groups I’m in… Thanks for going out on a limb and publishing this!!

Often times we are so caught up in the sales process, we don’t stop to ponder if selling has changed.

When I sold group benefits, I saw dramatic swings in the way businesses and brokers approached buying/selling group benefits. And often times the businesses and brokers were on opposite sides of the group benefits product and didn’t even realize it!

Why? Because we get stuck in our habit patterns of doing something a certain way AND thinking a certain way.

Even if it’s no longer working, we just keep plodding along thinking it will eventually fall into place.

Then one morning, we wake up with another month of zero or low sales trying to figure out what went wrong.

This is when you finally wake up and see you must sell differently or you stay asleep and begin telling “if only” stories…

If only….

  • I had better leads
  • My boss wasn’t a micromanager
  • I had a better territory
  • Fill in your blank________

One Important Step to Goal Achievement

Great sales results just don’t happen.

Yes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while but why settle for one nut when you can have a stockpile!

So I’m encouraging you to….

  • Reconsider the way your buyer buys.
  • Get intentional about selling
  • Gain clarity on what you want
  • Know WHY you want it.

Then pursue a plan of action.

This next part though is the icing on the cake and I want to encourage you NOT to skip this part and that is…

The Importance of “Writing” Goals…Not typed out goals or goals handed to you by your boss but HANDWRITTEN goals.

Handwritten goals according to Professor Gail Matthews of Dominican University, help us achieve them.

She worked with 267 entrepreneurs, executives, healthcare professionals, teachers, attorneys and other professionals from different countries.

Her research discovered the act of writing out goals boosted achievement by 42%!

So this isn’t fake news! (source)

My study provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one’s goals,” Matthews said.

According to Michael Hyatt,

“Committing your goals to writing is not the end game…But it is foundational for success.”

Here are Hyatt’s 5 reasons from his book, Your Best Year Ever.

  1. It forces you to clarify what you want
  2. It helps you overcome resistance
  3. It motivates you to take action
  4. It filters other opportunities
  5. It enables you to see and celebrate your progress.

Start 2019 by getting…

  1. Michael Hyatt’s “Your Best Year Ever” book (I highly recommend)
  2. A notebook specifically for your 2019 written goals.
  3. A few hours or a half day to yourself to really think through what you’d like to accomplish this upcoming year before 2019 rolls around in 5 short days!

If you’re not happy with 2018 sales results, then don’t go into 2019 doing the same thing. Get real with yourself and get clarity on what needs to change. Don’t procrastinate on this one thing that can lead to a more meaningful sales life and success. Once you’ve determined what needs to change then take the next step. Then the next step. Then the next step.

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