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Meet Luke! The Newest Edition to the Savvy Sales Lady


Meet Luke! 

Luke is the newest edition to The Savvy Sales Lady and he’s my son! It’s been a dream of mine to work with Luke because his creativity and savvy writing style far exceeds mine! And besides, what’s better than working with your son!

Luke grew up listening to my sales conversations over the phone, going on sales calls with me, and traveling on business trips too. When he was a toddler, Luke sat under my desk in my home office and pretended to make sales calls with his play phone as I was on a sales call with a client! And now here he is all grown up and working with me in real life!

You’ll see the touches of creativity Luke will bring to the website, your online experience, to Sales Pearls newsletter and to the Savvy Sales Lady YouTube channel. He’s in charge of the Savvy Sales Lady backroom now!


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