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Meet Christine, Savvy Sales Lady

Meet Christine,   

Christine Harrington has over 40 years of sales experience in various insurance markets excelling to President’s Clubs, Top Producer Awards and winning many more sales contests over the years. She now brings her unique expertise as a keynote speaker, trainer and private sales coach. What makes her expertise unique? She’s real. She has real world experience in the day to day life of the sales person. Christine translates her knowledge into workshops that sales teams can learn and implement strategies immediately. She will shorten your sales team’s learning curve.

Personal Story:

“After 40 years in corporate selling, I decided to make a change…a big change that was forced upon me by the death of my father.  My story is about how I overcame a difficult decision and how it changed my life.  AND a shocking account of a boss with no empathy and my journey to find the path of peace and freedom by helping others and much more. 

Dad was in hospice and was given 2 months to live. I asked my boss for a few days off to get my dad’s affairs in order and to be with him. My boss refused, saying I could see my dad before and after work. She refused with absolutely no compassion in her voice, speaking as if she was barking a direct order. Three times I appealed to her for few days off to be with my dying father, and three times she refused harshly. I walked out of my job and 10 days later my dear dad passed away. I was with him and felt so blessed to be by his side. That was in 2013.

In 2014, I began my career as a Sales Educator and Coach helping sales teams and private coaching clients learn a powerful new way of selling. Why? Because I experienced first hand the real need sales people have, no matter the industry, to learn a better way to sell.

Over 40 years, failure became my best friend!  I’ve been the rookie, the average and the #1 sales person. During one point in my sales career I hit a real snag and thought about quitting. It was through that confusing time, I learned the lesson of resilience. So I buckled down and decided to really learn sales. I discovered through research, self study, digging in and learning every aspect of selling, the real keys to becoming a Peak Performer.

Christine’s Workshops
Christine as a Sales Educator / Sales Coach / Sales Creator
  • you’ll learn creative ideas in selling.
  • You’ll learn a bold approach to move you from average to immense success, showing significant improvement in only 30 days. AND the keys are found within the Transformation Sales Education system. This approach eliminates being perceived as salesy and instead empowers you with the right tools you need to become a Master Closer.


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