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All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

The most asked questions I receive revolve around sales objections. Salespeople search high and low for the perfect response to a sales objection that will somehow magically transform the no into a yes.

All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This.

First, the one sales objection that’s doesn’t fall under this is money. When a buyer can’t afford what you’re selling, there’s nowhere for you to go. Now you may think the money objection is a smoke screen…and it could be. For the legitimate money objection, there’s only one answer…move on.

So what about all of the other sales objections?

Here’s the answer.

Either the buyer doesn’t need what you are selling, or he doesn’t trust you, doesn’t have confidence in you or your product, and you haven’t shown enough value in order to make the best decision which is to say yes.

Stay with me.

When a buyer has a long comfortable relationship with his current vendor, he will not upset the apple cart. UNLESS you can help him divorce the relationship because your product or service is a better fit, will save him money, and will outperform the current vendor. Still, the buyer will need coaching on how to end the long-standing relationship. It won’t be easy for the buyer to do this, which is why many buyers will choose the status quo even when you’re product is the best choice.

As a Salesperson, You Have 3 Vital Roles.

  1. As a person that not only brings value to the business relationship but provides value consistently.
  2. A Trustworthy Advisor role. A buyer will not divorce from his longstanding current vendor relationship unless he trusts you and your product. Trust and Confidence in you are essential.
  3. A Business Coach role. Yes…you are a coach. Don’t you advise your current clients on industry trends, awareness of problems you see or circumvent issues you become aware of? Of course, you do! Don’t you receive calls from clients seeking your advice? I bet you do!

When a buyer doesn’t buy, it all boils down to he doesn’t…

  • need your product
  • trust you or your product
  • have confidence in you or your product
  • See the value in you, the price of your product or what you offer.

Or All of the above!

Instead of trying to come up with the perfect answer to his objection, you now know it has to be one or all of the above reasons why he is giving you an objection.


So the strategy is to determine which reason he is struggling with and loop back to resell yourself, your product, your price, or your value.

The only way to know is by asking more questions. And be bold in your asking. Here’s a recent video I did about being audacious with questions.

Many times I hear from salespeople that they’re afraid to be bolder in asking questions, for fear of offending the buyer. The buyer won’t be offended if you ask in a respectful manner.

This week, when you’re holding sales appointments and receive an objection, reframe your answer by remembering the key points of your role as a salesperson. Ask questions to probe more, loop back around and resell yourself, your product and value.

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