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Get the Best Tools from Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology to Grow Sales!

  • 58% of deals end in “no decision” SBI
  • Only 54% of salespeople made quota in 2015 (only 30% in SaaS) CSO INSIGHTS

  • Only 46.3% of forecasted deals closed in 2015  (According to sales coach expert ROB JEPPSEN you have a higher chance of winning at craps in Vegas at 49.4%)

    Ask yourself these important questions
  • Do you find some team members lack focus?
  • How many on your team produces dismal results? 
  • Are there moody salespeople that cause the team to walk on eggshells around them? 
  • Are pulling your hair out trying to motivate the unmotivated? 
  • What’s the most difficult obstacle you or your sales team need to overcome? 

Ultimately your sales team needs a well-planned system for maximizing peak performance to get more out of your B Players to perform like your A Players. 

So, if the answer to improving sales performance doesn’t lie in ‘rinse and repeating’ what you’ve tried before, what IS the answer?

The Peak Performance Mindset program is specifically designed to help sales managers and salespeople achieve significantly higher levels of sales success by modeling and adopting the mindset of A players.

There is no other workshop like this on the market.

It’s unique.

Your salespeople will become highly aware of and be able to harness the power of their “Inner CEO” – what science reveals as the key center of the brain that regulates and improves what we do daily.

Participants will be lead on a journey of discovery where they will learn how to take 12 proven steps that will help them create and maintain a peak performance mindset – and improve sales performance.


  • One Hour Keynote Speaking
  • Two Hour Mindset Consulting
  • Half Day Mindset Workshop
  • Full Day Mindset Workshop
  • Internal Corporate Consulting



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