Testimonial Videos-Watch and Hear What Others are Saying about The Savvy Sales Lady Coaching and Workshops



Owner Tom Capuano, Manager Brian Recher, and Office Diane Runyon, share their experiences on sales coaching and Peak Performance Mindset workshop.

Peak Performance Mindset Workshop (To learn more click here)

Left to Right, front row: Diane, Doug, Troy,

Next Row: Brian, Tim, Julie, Nick

Last Row: Vince, Mike, Kelby, Tom

Meet Brent Thacker, Sales Manager for Ohio Valley Insurance and Watch his Testimonial Video.

Brent shares his experience attending my workshops and coaching for the last 6 months. It’s been such a wonderful experience training and coaching all the sales pros at Ohio Valley Insurance. Hear how the experience has helped Brent and his sales team.
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Meet Amy Geary of Ohio Valley Insurance: Account Manager 

Amy shares her experience attending my workshops and coaching for the last 6 months. Hear from Amy how the workshop experiences and coaching has helped Amy increase her sales in a dramatic way…over 30%!


Meet Bri Wilson of Ohio Valley Insurance: Insurance Advisor 

Bri shares her experience of how being coached for 6 months as a rookie salesperson helped her become successful.

Ohio Valley Insurance Sales Team 

Peak Performance Mindset Workshop
Peak Performance Mindset Workshop

Left to right front row:

Bri Wilson, Andrea Davis, Jenny Baird, Lindsey Hagan, Sara Thompson, Amy Geary, me!

Left to right back row:

Travis Combs, Brent Thacker, Lucas Murray, Josh Clouse, Johnathan Bickett