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Which Mindset are you?

Coaching Questions I NEVER Receive But Should. Knowing the answers will change your success!

The coaching questions I commonly receive from the Savvy Sales community are

What’s a good close strategy?

How can I get my phone calls returned or emails answered?

What’s the best way to network?

What’s the best way to mine referrals?

How can I keep my pipeline full?

These are all good and important questions…. about strategy. However, there is another set of questions I never get, but should. Shifting will change your success more than giving you answers to the above questions.

Coaching Questions I NEVER receive but should.

“What can I do to stay on track achieving my goal?”

“What steps can I take to succeed?”

“What information should I be gathering?”

2017 I immersed myself in “mindset” training. The more Peak Performance Mindset workshops I facilitated, the more incredible success I witnessed in the salespeople who attended. Watch some of the testimonial videos here.

My conclusion after a year of studying, facilitating, and coaching around mindset research is this….mindset training IS the missing link in sales success.

Case Study: Devastated David

Imagine you’ve applied for an Account Executive position in a highly competitive industry at the most sought-after firm. Your heart is set on snagging this opportunity. After all, you’re in sales this should be a breeze.

However….you were rejected. Never asked back for a second interview.

At first, you console yourself by saying you were probably one of 20 people they interviewed and it is a highly competitive field. So it doesn’t really reflect on you. You go on soothing yourself by thinking, the people that won the second interview, probably knew someone on the inside.

A small voice in your head starts to kick in until it’s now at a screaming level! It tells you that you’re just rationalizing your failure. The real reason you were not asked back is, you’re mediocre compared to the rest. The others were experts, you are not! You’re not worthy of this position.

You’ve got to regain your self-esteem, so your self-talk begins with,

“I really didn’t want this position after all.”

“I’d probably regret working there because it is so competitive.”

“Why start all over again in a new company”

Ladies and gentlemen, this Case Study is the classically fixed mindset. I hear it every day in my coaching sessions.

This true story happens frequently.

A fixed mindset measures everything by winning or losing, good news or bad news, black or white.

There is a better mindset to work towards. Now after reading this last sentence, if you thought to yourself,

“This is the way I am. There’s nothing wrong with seeing life as winning or losing, good news or bad news, black or white.”

If that was your thought, or something similar, my friend, you have a fixed mindset and are limiting your potential.

Here is how I coached Devastated David.

I asked David to think about his goal of getting the position he applied for. Then I asked…

“What could you do to stay on track achieving your goal?”

“What steps could you take to help yourself succeed?”

“What information could you gather?”

David first reacted by blurting out…they rejected me!

My response: What are they looking for? Do you really know? What experiences do they value in an Account Executive?

David decided to reach out to the firm and gather information on why he was not asked back for a second interview.

It wasn’t easy for David to make that call, but he did. Everyday people, especially in sales, plan to do difficult things, but they don’t do them. You’ve done it too…Oh, Monday’s are not a good day to cold call, I’ll wait until Tuesday. When Tuesday rolls around, your intention is to cold call, but somehow everything else becomes more important.

Vowing, even intense vowing to do something is utterly useless!

What does work is making a vivid, concrete plan.

“Tomorrow at 9:00 am, I’ll make myself a good cup of coffee, close the door to my office, silence my cell phone, put a do not disturb on my office phone, mute my notification bells and emails, and make 20 cold calls.”

What concrete plans do you need to make? Then ask

“When will I follow through on my plan?”

“Where will I follow through on my plan?”

“How will I follow through on my plan?”

Now to make it stronger, visualize your plan in a concrete way, how you’re going to carry it out.

This way of developing concrete plans has been proven by athletes all over the world. It leads to a high level of success.

CASE STUDY: Michael Phelps

Example: Michael Phelps in Rio. Click here to refresh your memory. and here.  I can’t watch this enough! In the first video, it shows Michael Phelps preparing his mind in an intentional death stare focus. He is so focused, Michael blocks out all distractions against Chad le Clos. Chad did everything he could, short of physically touching Phelps, trying to get into Phelps’ head…unsuccessfully. The second video shows Michael breaking an Olympic record and winning. 

This is a clear study of Michael Phelps growth mindset. Michael resurrected his damaged image from 2012 by confronting his demons, asking the hard questions, and making a decision to learn from his mistakes. 

Now Back to Devastated David.

When he followed up with the firm and asked them for feedback, he received a surprising response.

It was a test by the firm to see who would accept the defeat and who would be persistent. After all, it was a sales position!

David moved on to the second interview and eventually snagged the position.

This is an example of someone moving out of a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

A growth mindset understands important qualities can be cultivated. They stretch themselves and see failure as an opportunity to learn.

Here’s the most important message:


Once you’ve made the shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, doesn’t mean it’s easy breezy from here on out. A growth mindset needs to be cultivated, and watered with TLC.

However, by working on it daily, your level of awareness increases. Awareness is half the battle. And shifting to a growth mindset must be a concrete plan you work towards every day. That’s why the questions you ask yourself, are as important as the questions you ask a prospect. Shifting to a growth mindset will change your success. 

Here’s another resource for you…Why Motivation and Positive Thinking Fail.

In facilitating Peak Performance Mindset workshops, I’ve seen amazing shifts from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset during the workshop. It’s exciting to experience attendee’s faces suddenly light up with complete awareness!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I teach and coach to develop the entire salesperson. That’s why I say learning a sales process isn’t enough. When you conquer your mind, you unleash the potential you’ve been dreaming of. And be honest…in selling, most of the time your fighting against yourself.

To learn more about Peak Performance Mindset workshops, click here. Why not invite me to your place of business. Start 2018 off with learning how you and your team can accelerate your sales by growing your mindset! Why wait. Contact me now. Schedule a complimentary Introductory Call. 

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