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Take Back Control of your thoughts

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Live Your Potential


So many times in my coaching sessions I hear

I should have done this


I should have done that….

Thoughts of living in regret mean you’re living in the past.

What happened yesterday is over and you can’t change it or bring it back.

What happened just a moment ago is

“poof” gone!

I’m a late bloomer. It’s true…My business began at age 59..I’m now 63.

Many of you over 50 years old are reading this right now may be thinking…I’m too old to begin again. It’s too late for me to start a business…I’m too (fill in the blank)

And yet I often hear from my younger coaching clients…I’m too young or I don’t have enough experience…

Do you cling to your excuse not to live the life that was meant for you?

You have to work on yourself every single day with no Holidays!

You have to work on your mental mindset and stamina.


Because things will happen to you…Life will be a struggle at times and you must be prepared to face it and to overcome the adversity.


This is why I teach Peak Performance Mindset to help you learn how to step in and fulfill your potential.

This isn’t a commercial for my Peak Performance Mindset workshops/Coaching programs but I have to recognize this single most powerful process that changed my life.

At age 58 yrs. old, I went through a very devastating event that took over a year and a half to get through it. Close friends wondered how I was able to function at all!

I had many moments when I felt my world collapsing around me. By the Grace of God, prayer and the discovery of mindset training, I was able to pull myself out of the bleak abyss I found myself in.

In spite of everything that happened to me, I decided to start again, with my head up and with a vision of a brighter future.

But I knew, only I could create it with the help of Almighty God and by reprograming my mind.

So I began by restructuring my thinking.

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Live Your Potential

Every day, you must wake up with a new thought. If you don’t… you stay stuck in the past with that old familiar nagging thought of worry you wake up with every single day that defines your day!

When you keep having the same thought each day of worry, regret, unhappiness…you’ll have the same type of day with the same type of outcome.

The only way to change the outcome is to wake up each day with a better thought.

Here’s What I Do

I put a post a note on my Bose radio the night before with a new thought I want to see when I first wake up in the morning.

Sometimes the thought is “Thank you God for this day to serve you and my clients.”

Then I bring up feelings of gratitude and joy.

Another day is

“Today is the day I give up FEAR!”

You see, this post-a-note habit I started 5 years ago will help you to break the habit of having the same bad thoughts each day giving you the same lack throughout your day.

Science Proves This About Thoughts

You think you’re choosing…but you’re not.

All the automatic thoughts you have today, are the same automatic thoughts you had yesterday.

80% of thoughts are negative and most are subconscious.

Think about that…did you know research has proven you have over 60,000 thoughts per day and you’re not even aware of the majority of those thoughts!

So you think you’re in control….no.. you’re not…your thought habits are in control of you!

That’s why it’s important you create intentional thoughts when you wake up each morning.

These intentional thought habits will help keep you focused on what’s important and this habit can even be used on goals.

You’ve got to be willing to stay focus and be relentless when working on your dream.

Through difficult times and difficult situations, you can learn a great deal about yourself.

  • You can learn about what motivates you
  • You can learn about The thoughts that go through your mind resisting the changes you’re making…watching the internal battle going on inside your body which influences your thoughts.
  • You can learn about the rewards of discipline by working hard and rewarding yourself for hitting your goals by giving yourself time for relaxation.

When you feel like you earned it, you can enjoy it more!

The Big Fear of Failure!

You may feel like a fake and you’re scared to death people will find out you’re just not good enough or you don’t know enough.

That’s just your subconscious trying to keep you from growing and moving out of your comfort zone.

Don’t buy into the thoughts that want to keep you small.

Come up with a better thought and focus on the thought that will encourage you to grow and succeed.

We all need failure. Failure teaches us what doesn’t work. When we fail,  our determination and persistence muscles are strengthened.

Besides…we know at some point we’re going to fail. We know it will not always be sunshine and lollipops.. so why not prepare for it.

Be ready for it.

Grow your determination muscle with each failure…then you’ll no longer be haunted by the fear of failure or success!

My intention is to help inspire you to strive for your full potential.

As a late bloomer…don’t give up on your dream!

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