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How Do You Live in the Moment and Why is it Important for Selling?

Why is Living in the Moment Important for Selling?

In the last article, How to Keep Your Promised Goals in 2020, you learned the necessity of beginning again. This mindset is necessary in order to leave the past in the past, with a renewed energy to begin again…today.. in this moment.

This begs to ask the obvious question of HOW do you live in the moment and why is it important for selling. It is by far one of the most common mindset questions I’m asked..

‘How do I live in the moment and why is it important for my selling success?'

As humans we are bound by space and time. We're not able to move across the world in a single instant by a single thought to do so. Nor can you glance into the future to know what lies ahead. All you have is this immediate moment. You don’t have to wait to be perfect before acting. You don’t need to wait to be in the right mood, or to have the right physical strength or tools. You may feel regret towards what you didn’t accomplish or do in 2019 but these emotions and contemplations don’t change what you need to do now. Actually your feelings can work against you.

Discerning and striving what needs to be done in this present moment is a key part of starting again.

How Do YOU Live in the Moment and Why is it Important for Selling

First, you already know what exactly needs to be accomplished in order to meet your goals for 2020. You're called to know the activities you must do everyday and how to live your sales life each day as well as you can. If you fail in someway you absolutely should not resign yourself to give up. You simply acknowledge the slip up and renew your efforts to uphold the rest of the day.

Living in the present moment takes self-awareness and self-knowledge, tools that keep you anchored to the task at hand. Ask yourself, ‘What is needed in this moment?’ Then look around and determine what needs to be done.

If you find yourself being distracted, remove the distractions or remove yourself into an environment where you can control the distractions.

Personal story

At the time I was an Account Executive and on the road attending client meetings. I had stopped at a Starbucks in between appointments to answer emails, and return phone calls. It was so loud and busy in Starbucks, I couldn’t hear myself think! A gentleman sat at the table next to me talking on his cell phone to one of his clients. I heard him say numerous times, ‘Sorry for all the noise.’ Then I observed him look at his phone and shrugged his shoulders as he put the phone in his coat pocket. I’m guessing.. but it appeared the client hung up on him. I gathered up my things, left the noisy Starbucks and worked out of my car. It was peaceful, quiet and productive.How Do You Live in the Moment and Why is it Important for Selling?

Remove distractions or move yourself into a environment where you can control the distractions.

Do What You Can

How often have you acted in a way you think you ought to act rather than as you can act or should act?

A sales professional who is a single mom wrestles with the balance of work and being two parents in one. Her time is greatly compromised and divided. There is no-one  “waiting” at home to help with everyday chores, home maintenance demands or financial support. She must temper her ambitions and desires by keeping in mind her demands and limitations. How Do You Live in the Moment and Why is it Important for Selling?

Avoid comparisons. Avoid comparing yourself to others on the sales team. Everyone has a different balance, demands and limitations. What are yours? What’s demanded of you everyday will be much different from a co-worker or boss. So be very protective with your time and agenda for achieving your sales goals in 2020. When you plan your day effectively to do what you can, you protect yourself from being someone else’s plan for their day. 

For 21 years, I was a  single mom. I can attest how easy it is to slide into the comparison game by trying to be a superhuman sales professional, and mother. This is the quickest way to burn up with frustration which leads to burn out!  Put the Wonder Woman cape in the closest and....Do what you can.

Don’t Let Feelings Drive Your Actions

A coaching client once told me that he didn’t cold call, because he didn’t feel like it. He admitted he wasn’t good at it, therefore he always procrastinated when it came to cold calling.

“I only do sales activities that I’m good at.”

When I asked why, he simply said,

“Because being good at something feels so much better than doing something that I’m not good at. Besides, doing things without wanting to seem hypocritical”

How do you plan to improve an area of weakness if you refuse to humble yourself to the learning process? It’s very problematic if you allow feelings to drive action because there's great benefit in experiencing difficultities. First, you learn that you can overcome difficulities. Second, you realize that the real fear is experiencing difficulties or being uncomfortable. Do you avoid being uncomfortable? Being in sales doesn't guarantee being free of rejection or difficuties. But then again, neither does life. 

I don’t know about you, but I do things all day long that I don’t feel like doing! There’s no need to be ‘emotionally ready’ to do the work at hand. It’s not necessary to want to do it. However, you do have to ‘choose’ the work in the present moment if you want to make any progress towards your goals.

Acting according to your will to choose the work over choosing the emotions that derail you, will help you develop humility, and self-knowledge. Humility will actually give you confidence in all the actions you choose. 

Don't let feelings drive your actions. Develop fortitude. It will strengthen any weakness and keep emotions in check.


Humility is so misunderstood. It’s about keeping oneself within one’s own bounds, not reaching out to things above one, but submitting to an authority. This is paraphrasing St. Thomas Aquinas.

How Do You Live in the Moment and Why is it Important for Selling?

Simply, humility is not about seeing oneself through a lens of depreciation, but through the lens of truth. If you're humble, you truly know yourself, and you act accordingly.

Why is humility so important to starting again? Because real humility is the essential step too admitting you’ve slipped up so you can reapply yourself to the tasks you’ve neglected in the moment.

Be humble enough to admit you’re going to commit many slip ups. You are going to fail. Just acknowledge it, realize it will happen so you don’t let fear of failure prevent success. Remember the client who wouldn’t cold call? Fear of Failure!

Don’t let discouragement take hold if your actions have not succeeded as perfectly as you hoped.

Humility will help balance the feeling of failure and discouragement because you act within the truth of your limitations and better dispose yourself to improve your weaknesses.

Humilty is being truthful with yourself.

Next week's article will continue by addressing lukewarmness in selling. How to Overcome Tepidity, the real danger to derailing your 2020 goals.

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