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A Sales Life of Discipline Leads to a Sales Life of Success

A Sales Life of Discipline Leads to a Sales Life of Success.

A Sales Life of Discipline Leads to a Sales Life of Success

If your in sales, never lose sight of the glorious work in which you were called. The life of service to help others discover what they need in order to accomplish

  • an issue or challenge that needs to be solved.
  • an issue or challenge that needs to be uncovered.
  • or help to find what is wanted.

Your sales life can be a successful life of well being, and service through discipline. The discipline of studying your craft, your industry, your mindset. Each building upon practice, research, structure and repetition of successes.

What is your ROCK? What is your sales foundation built on? Is it built upon a sales training you took 10 years ago? OR is your sales foundation built on sales books read, sales workshops you’ve invested in, and maintenance of a positive mindset grounded in growth year after year for the last 10 years?

Is your Rock the competence and confidence you’ve forged from successes and failures? If you only look at the successes, you truly miss the lessons of the failures. It’s failure that provides the gift of seeing without ego and a willingness to look at the result from an analytical perspective not in judgement or shame. How many times have you felt shame over failures instead of seeing opportunity to learn?

When you live life in discipline, every lack is a reason to forge mental toughness. Every fall is a gift showing the strength you have to get up and keep moving forward. It’s through the everyday discipline, the lessons of resilience, perseverance, and commitment are learned.

Will you look 2017 in the eye ball and take it on stronger, more determined with conscious discipline in every facet of your life, committed to doing more than you did in 2016? OR will you repeat it with the same one year sales experience from 10 years ago?

Tomorrow, when you wake up, what will drive you to do better than the day before? Discipline turns ability into achievement.

Discipline Requires a Growth Mindset

Do you envy the discipline of an athlete or Olympian? Do you struggle with the discipline needed to accomplish your goals for 2017? Or perhaps you’re great at starting but struggles to finish?

Next Wednesday, I’ll cover how to develop self-discipline by changing your mindset. Anyone who would like to know how to develop discipline, check back in. It’s a great way to start 2017.

What are you determined to accomplish in 2017? I’d love to know. Scroll down to the comment section and let it out!

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