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Sales Improvement Requires Self Improvement. How to Thrive.

Sales Improvement Requires Self-Improvement. How to Find Freedom to Thrive

It’s 3:00 pm and your task list shows it time to make follow-up phone calls and cold calls. You hesitate, because the thought of making another round of calls that will result in low to no impact causes your brain to search for excuses to not pick up the phone.

“it’s a waste of time” you tell yourself.

“no one cold calls anymore” you rationalize.

So call reluctance wins, but you believe you’ve won.

In this article you’ll meet a team who’s average goal is 18 cold calls per hour per agent. This team tells a different story….Sales improvement requires self-improvement.

While other salespeople are looking for the magic, this team is making magic. What makes them different?

Sales Improvement Requires Self-Improvement is a Reality

Imagine for a moment, your freedom being taken away, because you’re locked in a maximum security prison. This is the lowest point of your life. Other than being dead, it doesn’t get any worse than this.

Every day you battle the shame and guilt while trying to make a life in prison without calling attention to yourself. Fear is real and it’s everywhere.

Whether we lock our self up into a prison called our mind, or we are physically locked up to pay a debt to society for a crime committed, how can we find freedom to thrive instead of crashing down to just survive?

In my coaching practice, I’ve met salespeople who are prisoners of their own mind.

  • They can’t stop smoking.
  • Are chronically negative and complain about everything
  • Can’t seem to get to sales appointments on time
  • Frequently sick
  • Refuse to take responsibility for their lack of sales

Take working out. A person who is dedicated to fitness will tell you “most of the time” they don’t feel like working out. But they push themselves to do it and don’t fall for their own faulty thoughts trying to talk them out of it.

In other words, they control their mind instead of their mind controlling them.

Every time you listen to your own faulty voice talking you out of cold calling, or doing follow-up calls or whatever it is your resisting, your mind is controlling you. And when your mind controls your actions, there is no opportunity for self-improvement or sales improvement!

Your most vulnerable point is your mind and what you tell it. Good or bad. The implementation of your thoughts profoundly impact your actions.

Sales Improvement Requires Self Improvement

The Team

The team I referred to at the beginning of this article is Team Televerde at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Rockville, IN. Michelle Cirocco invited me to spend time there and work with the women.

Sales Improvement Requires Self Improvement
Working with Judy on Cold Calling

There are 80 incarcerated women working for Televerde in a call center located on the premises of the prision. In this environment, I saw for myself the freedom these women create in their minds. They were an inspiration to me.

The women often work from 6:30 in morning until 8:00 pm by choice. Why? Because working gives them purpose, a goal, and money. But also, it gives them a reason to avoid the general prison population. When I asked how many hit there alarm snooze each morning, very few women raised their hand. They get up in the morning excited about getting on the phones and making calls.

But here is what really impressed me.

I've done many many workshops over the last 5 years and through out the workshops I'm asked a lot of questions. The women at Televerde asked me the most thought provoking questions, I've EVER been asked. They were taking notes as I spoke and I could see in their eyes how much they yearned to learn. Self-improvement was a priorty. They were one of the most engaged audiences I've ever had the privilege to speak too.

And there's more....

Their goal is 18 calls per hour per agent. There are 80 agents! When did you last make 18 calls per hour, after hour, after hour, day after day?

If your answer is never, or rarely...this is the single biggest reason salespeople lack a robust sales funnel. They resist getting on the phone. They resist developing their own leads. I'm not suggesting you work like a call center, however, you and I both know you should be on the phone more. Sales improvement requires self-improvement.

Sales improvement Requires Self-improvement Tips

Tip #1 Instead of resisting to make the phone calls, resist the impulse not to call.

Tip #2 Free yourself of resistence by making phone work a daily habit, like brushing your teeth. Put it in your schedule every single day. The more you repeat this habit the easier making phone calls will become.

Tip#3 Have you ever sold a product, had a sales conversation and closed the deal through an email. (I didn't think so)

Tip#4 Be self aware and take control of your thoughts. Your mind is sabotaging your success.

Tip #5 Imagine being incarcerated and freedom was found by making sales phone calls. How many would you make? Maybe 18 an hour?

If 80 incarcerated women who had no prior sales experience can learn how to cold call, be successful at it and love it, so can you! Sales improvement requires self-improvement.

Sales Improvement Requires Self Improvement



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