Sales Coach Christine Harrington

How to Take Control of your Sales Success. Watch Now!

Are you frustrated with your sales success? If you are then this video is for you. You’ll learn 3 strategies to help you take control of your sales success. And at the end of the video, I share a bonus strategy which is the #1 reason for sales success.

It’s not uncommon for salespeople to contact me when they feel stuck or struggling to take their sales to the next level. If you stay stuck for any length of time, you’ll begin to settle for stuck! This video will give you strategies to activate right away. It all starts with you.

Only you can take control of your sales success.

If all you do is the bonus strategy, that one strategy will change your world! And it’s one of the hardest things that salespeople struggle with. Master it and you master sales! Master sales and you master life!

Just like it’s necessary to ask the prospect questions that uncover issues and problems, YOU must also ask YOURSELF deeper questions. We’re in the middle of the year, so it might be a good review to read an article written back in January, What If 2019 Became Your Year for Asking Better Questions. 


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