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3 tips on how to increase email open rates

3 Tips on How to Increase Email Open Rates. A downloadable list is included!

It’s true. There’s a lot of hot air around the word “marketing strategy”….especially when involving emails and email open rates. 

And often times, salespeople fail to consider every email sent is a marketing strategy and opportunity.

Every follow-up email, and prospecting email. Every email delivering a proposal or quote-is a marketing opportunity.

What’s your strategy?

Here are a few simple and overlooked tips on

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates.

Tip #1 Sender Name

Did you know you can increase your email open rates by simply using your name? Open rates can increase by as much as 137% according to SendPulse.

Look at your “from” name when sending an email. Does it say your name, company name or email address? Switch it to show your full name. People are more likely to open an email if the sender’s name is listed, rather than an email address or a company name.

Tip #2 Subject Line

I’m taking a course on writing. (Has my writing improved?!)

The first lesson (emphasized as the most important lesson) is writing the first sentence. The first sentence must be compelling enough to cause the reader to want to read the second sentence.

The subject line of your email is the first sentence your reader reads. And it must be a subject line that compels the reader to “click”.

However…there are words and symbols that cause the email to be stopped in its tracks and sent to junk mail or spam.

Does your subject line contain any of these words or symbols?

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Be creative for your subject line, but also be aware of the words, and symbols that can send it right into the dark hole of junk mail.

Last, keep your subject line 50 characters or less.

Tip #3 Professional vs. Creative

There’s this silly notion (especially in the insurance industry) surrounding professionalism. Yes, you want to be professional, but drop the industry jargon and instead be creative.

Yesterday, I attended a webinar on inserting video messages into emails which greatly increase open rates. I’m trying it today and I’m certain it will be amazing. Why? Because who does it? Talk about setting yourself apart from the competition!

Have you ever received an email from someone in your industry with a video? I haven’t. But I’m definitely going to start including video in prospecting emails.

Why don’t you try it with me? If you need help, email me at

Back to being professional. Act professional but be friendly. The ultra-tight, stiff upper lip professional is just that. Who wants to do business with stiff.

Compose your emails as a conversation not as a thesis.

And keep your email short, concise and tight, just like a voice mail message.

Biggest Tip – What the reader “sees”

Before hitting send, email it to your self first. I do this quite often. Pretend you’re the prospect. “See” the name of the sender, subject line and first sentence of the email from a prospect or clients’ bird’s eye view. What does your email look like on a mobile device or tablet? It can be very different. So be sure to check out how it looks on varies delivery systems. 

According to,

“40% of emails now being opened on mobile devices..”

 Next…Be sure your email is easy to read. Increase the font size to 16pt. or even 18pt. There’s nothing so discouraging as trying to read an email at an 8, 10 or 12 pt. font! 

Then ask yourself….would you “click” on your email? 

If this article helped you in any way, would you let me know in the comment section below? And as always, if you have an idea or tip to share with the Savvy Sales Community, be sure and share so we can learn from you!

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